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The Indian Council of Philosophy Research (ICPR),Lucknow is an integral part of the ICPR council and acts as the academic center fostering research studies in the field of philosophy. Since ages, India has been one of the most prolific beds for various schools of philosophy. History has witnessed the advent of many great men all of whom inculcated different philosophical beliefs which included religious philosophy, metaphysics and even the modern day political philosophy of Marxism, communism and existentialism which were mainly western in their origin.

However, there has been little or no effort to foster the studies of philosophy in a much more professional way in India barring a few individuals like Dr.Radhakrishnan.It was only in the year 1977, that under the initiative of Government of India, ICPR was formed under the Societies Act 1860. ICPR, Lucknow is located at the Butler Palace and houses the most unique interdisciplinary and an up-to-date specialized library in philosophy, a guest house and a small office of the council. It also has a well-equipped seminar room and space for holding exhibitions.

Thrust areas of Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow :

  • Review the progress of research in philosophy from time to time
  • Co-ordinate research activities in philosophy
  • Encourage programs of interdisciplinary research
  • Promote collaboration in research between Indian philosophers and International philosophical institutions
  • Promote teaching and research in philosophy
  • Sponsor or assist projects or programs of research in philosophy

Academic programs at Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow :

  • Fellowship Programs
  • Refresher Courses
  • Research scholars meet

Different categories of Fellowship at Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow :

  • National Fellowships
  • Senior Fellowships
  • General Fellowships
  • Junior Research Fellowships
  • Short-term Fellowships
  • Residential Fellowships
  • Fellowships for preparing Learning Material.

Some important subjects offered at Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow :

  • Basic Values embodied in Indian Culture and their relevance to national Reconstruction
  • Normative Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics)
  • Interdisciplinary Inquiries (Ethics and Aesthetics)
  • Philosophy, Science and Technology
  • Philosophy of Man and the Environment
  • Social and political philosophy and philosophy of Law
  • Comparative and Critical Study in the Philosophical system / Movement and Religion
  • Logic. Philosophy of Mathematics and Philosophy of Language
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Philosophy of Social Sciences

Some important Projects undertaken at Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow :

  • Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow
  • Life, Thought and Culture in India
  • Fundamental Indian Ideas of Physics, Chemistry, Life Sciences and Medicine
  • Agriculture in India
  • Economic History of India
  • Colonial Period
  • Primal Spirituality of Vedas : Its Renewal and Renaissance
  • On Rational Historiography
  • Science and Spirituality

Other facilities at Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR),Lucknow :

  • Library
  • Computer Center
  • Travel Grants
  • Fellowship Emolument
  • Contingency grant
  • Seminars and Symposia
International Collaboration at Indian Council of Philosophy Research(ICPR)
Lucknow :
Being an apex body for research philosophical studies the institute has international exchange with countries like France,Russia and China.
Address of Headquarter:
Indian council of Philosophical Research (ICPR)
36, Tughlakabad Institutional Area, M. B. Road, New Delhi - 110062
Telephone: 91-11-29955405, 29956403, 29955129, Fax: 91-11-29955129
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