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Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, IGIB, Delhi is a constituent laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). Institute of Genomics and Integrated Biology had originated as Center for Biochemical Technology (CBT).At its initiation, it had the function of providing import substitutes. However, by 2002 it had transformed itself into a reverse engineering and knowledge provider. IGIB is a major player in the world of Genomics and Bioinformatics.


The expertise of professionals from the varied fields of Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Immunology, Molecular Genetics, Medical Sciences, Information Technology.

Presently IGIB has taken a leading position in Indian Genome Variation Database (IGVdb). IGIB has a mission of conducting researches on the multidisciplinary fields of genomics and molecular medicine. It is the function of IGIB to transfer the products they have developed to customers or entrepreneurs.


Research areas at IGIB:


  • Allergy & Infectious Diseases -Research in this field is conducted on respiratory diseases such as Asthma, Tuberculosis and Aspergillosis.
  • Genomics and Molecular Medicine - This field involves genetic studies on complex disorders like schizophrenia, neurological disorders, diabetes, asthma, high altitude sickness, infectious diseases etc.
  • Nucleic Acids & Peptides- IGIB conducts research to design and synthesize nucleic acids and bioactive peptides needed for biomedical applications.
  • Genome Informatics - Identification of genes, proteins and peptides, which are useful for the prediction of drug test is the main function of this department.
  • Proteomics & Structural Biology- The functioning of this department include identification of the whole set of proteins in biological tissues, characterization of their physicochemical properties and the description of their behavior.
  • Comparative Genomics & Gene Expression Profiling - This subject deals with identification of evolutionary conserved genes, which differ with respect to DNA sequence. It also studies genetic diversity present in humans.
  • Environmental Biotechnology - This area of research at IGIB specializes in Microbial Genomics and Treatment of Industrial Effluents.
  • Bioactive Molecules & Technology Development- This include screening microbial, plant, insect and fungal extracts for evaluation of anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities

Projects at IGIB:


  • Projects related to immunology & molecular genetics of respiratory disorders including allergy, pulmonary fungal infections and predisposition to asthma.
  • Molecular genetics of neurological disorders and functional significance of repetitive sequences in the genome.
  • Identification of new drug targets and virulence mechanism in Mycobacterium Tuberculosis.
  • Drug target development using in silico biology.
  • Toxicogenomics of polymorphism in Indian population.
  • Predictive medicine using Repeats and SNPs.
  • Genetic and Proteomic studies on Diabetes Mellitis.
  • Exploration and exploitation of microbial wealth of India for novel compounds and bio-transformation process.
  • Microbial approach for industrial waste monitoring and management.
  • Design and synthesis of modified oligonucleotides for antisense and gene targets.
  • Bioactive Peptides.
  • A Core Shared facility established at IGIB.

Contact Address of IGIB:
Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology
Near Jubilee Hall, Mall Road, Delhi-110 007
Telephone: 91-011-27666156/157, 27667602, 27667439
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