Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute (CEERI)

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Introduction: Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CEERI), Pilani is a pioneering research institute dedicated to the field of electronics. Founded in 1953, under the purview of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi, the Institute adopts high end Research and Development techniques in the field of electronics engineering. The CEERI functions under the reins of its director Dr.Chandra Sekhar. The 3 major areas of its work are-Electronics Systems,Microwave Tubes and Semiconductor Devices. Spread across a tranquil backdrop, the Institute functions from 2 other constituent centers. Apart from its headquarters at Pilani, the satellite stations are in New Delhi and Chennai.


Major functionary bodies of central electronics engineering research institute(ceeri), pilani:

  • Research Council
  • R&D groups
  • Scientific Council
  • Technical Services
  • Administrative section
  • Staff support
  • R&D Planning and business development

Thrust Areas of Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CEERI), Pilani:

  • To carry out R&D in electronic devices and systems
  • To assist industry in technology absorption, upgradation and diversification
  • To provide R&D services to industry and users in design, fabrication and testing
  • To provide technical services for specific needs towards product development, precision and quality

 Research projects at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CEERI), Pilani:

  • Mems & Micosensors
  • Photonic Components & Subsystems
  • Electron Tubes
  • Electronics for Society, Environment & Industry

R&D activities at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CEERI), Pilani:     
The major R&D programmes of CEERI can be categorized into three major areas; microwave tubes, semiconductor devices and electronics systems. In the area of microwave tubes the major focus is on communication tubes and industrial tubes. In the area of semiconductor devices, projects are being actively based on IC design, power devices, device processing, microwave devices, hybrid microcuits, opto-electronic devices and semi-conductor materials. R&D work in the area of electronics systems is focussed on digital systems, agri electronics, speech technology, industrial electronics, instrumentation systems and communication engineering. Some of the current projects are:Development of PC-based monitoring system for withering process in tea industry,Development of InGaAs/InP PIN detectors, Development of hybrid PIN/FET receivers for 140 M bit/s data rates ,Design and simulation of D2 MAC & SECAM decoder.


Major technological contributions by Central Electronics Engineering Research nstitute(CEERI), Pilani:

  • Space qualification of hybrid microcircuits for use by ISRO
  • Design of serial data controller chip
  • Development of high voltage deflection transistor for TV applications
  • Development of space-qualified metalcized alumina substrates and Ku band down converter
  • Development of hybrid PIN/FET for long haul optical communication system
  • S-band, 30W TWT (BEL, Bangalore)
  • 500 VA UPS (Shakti Electronics, Jaipur)
  • Zirconia oxygen analyzer (EMP Controls Pvt. Ltd, Bombay)
  • Microprocessor based pan monitoring and control system (MIP-MOS) to name few

Consultancy services at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CEERI), Pilani:

  • Creating new designs
  • Upgradation and absorption of technology to industry
  • R&D units,
  • Project engineering organizations
  • Undertakes Contract Research on specific problems and requirements of electronic industry 

Other facilities at Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute(CEERI), Pilani:

  • Facility for computer-aided design (CAD) of ICs and discrete semiconductor devices and microwave tubes
  • Fabrication facility for semiconductor devices and microwave power tubes
  • Instruments and control systems design, testing and microprocessor development facilities
  • Mechanical workshop, computers, testing and calibration facilities
  • Library

Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani, Rajasthan333031,INDIA
Telephone&Fax:+9101596242294 Related link:

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