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Introduction: National Institute of Oceanography (NIO)Goa is an integral part of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR )dedicated in the R&D field related to ocean studies. The Institute, a brain child of Dr.D.N Wadia was founded in 1965 and has since been contributing substantially in the field of ocean studies. Although the institute began its work in Delhi, it was in 1977 that it shifted its base permanently to the azure backdrop of the Arabian Sea, in Goa. There are 3 other regional stations of NIO located in Kochi, Mumbai and Vishakapatnam.The Institute is located in Dona Paula lying in close proximity to the Dabolim Airport and Margao Railway station. The Institute functions under a Director who reports to CSIR. All the campuses of the Institute exhibit grandeur in terms of the architecture of buildings.

Major Activities at National Institute of Oceanography(NIO), Goa:
  • Research
  • Education
  • Consultancy 

Research projects of National Institute of Oceanography(NIO), Goa:

  • Oceans and Climate:- A study of the Palaeoceanography of the Northern Indian Ocean Environmental management, physical processes, stratigraphy and geo-dynamics of the EasternContinental Margin of India (ECMI) Oceanic processes of the equatorial Indian Ocean Role of the Ocean in Sustaining Monsoonal Climate Over India and the Surrounding Seas Tectonic and Oceanic Processes Along the Indian Ridge System and Back Arc Basins
  • Biogeochemistry and Ecosystems :- Biogeochemical Cycles in Relation to Global Change in the North Indian Ocean Dynamics, Mechanism and Control of Biofouling and Corrosion in Marine Waters Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning Ocean Colour and bio-optical studies of optically complex waters in the Arabian Sea Tropic dynamics and coastal zone management Achuthankutty
  • Non-Living Resources :- Geophysical studies to understand evolution of the continental margins and ocean basins around Exploration for deep sea mineral resources Exploring the Indian Ocean for seamount cobalt-rich ferromanganese crust Geological, geophysical, geochemical and microbial studies of the Indian continental marginsto decipher gas hydrates
  • Pollution and Environmental Impact :- Environmental Studies for Marine Mining Impact predictions of coastal activity on marine ecology Marine Pollution Assessment and Eco-toxicology Modelling the impacts of environmental stresses on coastal zone
  • Drugs and Chemicals from the Sea :- Bioactive molecules from marine environment Identification and preparation of extracts of pharmacological importance from the marine organisms Identification of Marine organisms for compounds with industrial applications
  • Engineering and Technology :- Autonomous Instrumentation for Oceanography Engineering analysis and design methodology for marine structures
  • Other Fields :- Application of geological and geophysical methods in marine archaeology and underwater explorations Seabed Surveys of exclusive economic zone of India Development of modeling tool for acoustic seafloor classification  

Some important Patents under National Institute of Oceanography(NIO), Goa:

  • A system for classifying sea floor roughness using an hydbrid layout
  • Bioactive molecule from an assoicated mangrove plant
  • Biologically active aqueous fraction of an extract obtained from a mangrove plant (to name a few)

Some of the important publications of National Institute of Oceanography(NIO), Goa:

  • Seaweed-a field manual
  • Phytoplankon Identification Manual
  • Marine Microbiology :Facets and Opportunities
  • Multivariate data Analysis(to name a few) 

Education at National Institute of Oceanography(NIO), Goa:

Since the institute is devoted to Research and Development, as such there are no academic degrees at their offering.However the institute facilitates undergraduate and postgraduate students to work for their projects.The different kinds of programs are:

Student Programs-

    • Summer Internships
    • Dissertation projects
    • Student workshops (for school children of Goa)
    • Educational visits

Doctoral Programs- For the Ph.D programs students need not take any separate test but for science postgraduates it is mandatory to have qualified UGC-NET whereas for engineering students GATE is a must. There are 2 kinds of programs-

    • Junior Research Scholar/Senior
    • Research Scholar

Orientation Programs-NIO conducts Orientation/Training programmes based on the needs of the organizations having interest in doing so. Certain programmes are also organized on routine basis as a policy matter that CSIR decides.


Consultancy services at National Institute of Oceanography (NIO), Goa:

NIO scientists as per the project requirement collect data on physical, chemical biological, geological and engineering aspects through field measurements using moored and drifting buoys, and research vessels and offers advice to the clients who wnts to know about the modes discharginfg waste by affecting th environment minimally.



National Institiute of Oceanography (NIO), Dona Paula - 403 004, Goa, India

Telephone: +91 (0) 832 - 2450450; Fax : +91 (0) 832- 2450602 & 2450603

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