National Research Centereon Yak (ICAR)

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The National Research Center on Yak was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research at Dirang, Arunachal Pradesh, India amidst the tranquil middle ranges of Eastern Himalayas. The scientists at the National Research Center on Yak are responsible for the conservation and improvement of the Indian Yak. It's establishment was sanctioned in 1985 under the 7th Five Year Plan which started working in 1989. The main farm complex is situated at Nyukmadung in the yak rearing tract. Its main office-cum-residential complex at Dirang is 200 kilometers away from Tezpur on the Tezpur-Tawang Highway. The Institute's experimental farm is located at Nyukmadung, 31 km ahead of Dirang towards Tawang.

Research Areas of National Research Center on Yak

  • Studies for genetic resources,management practices, production level and problems associated with productions.
  • Establish a small herd of pure yaks to execute observations on performances under range and semi-range systems of management.
  • Arrange for research, on improvement of yak and its products.
  • Conduct research on nutrition, physiology, production and enterprising aspects under semi-range and confinement.
  • Carry research on fodder and development of pasture at mid and high altitude for yaks.
  • Provide complete health coverage through proper therapeutic and prophylactic measures based on clinical and laboratory findings on the diseases of yak

Organizational Set-up of National Research Center on Yak Research:

  • Physiology Unit
  • Genetics and Breeding Unit
  • Nutrition Unit
  • Reproduction Unit
  • Health Unit
  • Extension Unit

Research Projects of National Research Center on Yak :

  • Research on growth trials in yaks under semi-range system of management
  • Research on disease survey, diagnosis and therapy along with preventive measures on prevalent diseases in yaks
  • Research on biochemical profile in yak during growth, production and reproduction.
  • Research on some physiological parameters during different stages of reproduction
  • Research on genetic divergence of yak germ plasm through application of biochemical polymorphism (a genetic marker).

Facilities offered by National Research Center on Yak :

  • Central Instrument Laboratory
  • ARIS(Agricultural Research Information Service) Cell
  • Library & Information Center
  • Experimental Livestock Unit
  • Feed & Fodder Unit
  • Meteorological Observatory
National Research Centereon Yak (ICAR),
Dirang 790 101, Arunachal Pradesh, India
Telephone: (+91)03780-22259/22218, Fax: (+91)03780-22273
Email:, Official Website:

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