National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property

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The National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property (NRLCCP), a scientific laboratory controlled by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The main activity of the Institute, set up in the year 1976, is to carry out research in the methods and technologies of conservation of cultural property. The NRLCCP responsible for spreading important information and adequate knowledge in conservation, provide training in curative conservation and develop and implement various programs in related fields.

Over the years, the NRLCCP has been successful in the development of quite a few innovative methods of conservation of a variety of objects. It has also done commendable work in doing a detailed study on cultural property. The NRLCCP is credited with doing good quality conservation work on wall paintings, corals etc. During its fledgling years, the National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property was funded by the UNDP and UNESCO. Presently, the NRLC is registered as an associate member of the International Centre for the Study Of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property (ICCROM), based in Rome.

The main objectives of the NRLC are as follows:

  • To conduct research for the development of better methods of conservation.
  • To provide technical assistance to museums, archeological departments and other institutions
  • To study the technical aspects of art and archeological materials To impart training, compile documents, come out with publications and coordinate with international bodies, which are involved in similar activities.

NRLCCP is powered by a group of conservation scientists who are adequately trained and equipped with professional degrees. The conservation scientists are mainly students who have chemistry, biology, physics or geology as their specialized disciplines.

Divisions in NRLCCP:
The following are the divisions of NRLCCP :

  • Conservation Division
  • Metal Division
  • Biodeterioration Division
  • Conservation Division
  • Paper Division
  • Stone Division

NRLC, has a regional center by the name of Regional Conservation Laboratory, in Mysore. This regional centre, set up in 1986, assists the NRLCCP to carry on its research activities in a more extensive and effective manner. It is proposed that such regional centers in other parts of the country will soon be coming up.

Training has been an integral part of NRLCCP since day one. Training programs are conducted consistently with emphasis on both the curative and preventive sides of conservation. The trainings imparted by NRLC CP have immensely benefited the professionals from various fields including museums, archeological surveys etc. The training programs lay great emphasis on curative conservation of stone and metal artifacts, library and archival materials, paintings on paper, canvas and wall.

The lecture hall of NRLCCP where the training programs are conducted are air-conditioned and have all the modern facilities.

The library in the National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Properties has:

  • Approximately 12000 books on conservation and allied subjects
  • Subscription of many journals in the field of conservation
  • Abstracts of conservation literature for users

The NRLC publishes

  • Manuals
  • Bibliographies
  • Technical Notes on conservation.
Address :
National Research Laboratory for Conservation of Cultural Property,
Sector E/3, Aliganj, Lucknow - 226024
Phones : 0091- 0522-2335359 (Directorate), 0091-0522-2333911
(Research) 0091-0522- 2328930 (Conservation), 0091-0522-2333912

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