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The World's largest Leather Research Institute, CLRI is a central hub in Indian leather sector with direct roles in education, research, training, testing, designing, forecasting, planning, social empowerment and leading in science and technology relating to leather.

State-of-art facilities in CLRI support, innovation in leather processing, creative designing of leather products viz. leather garment, leather goods, footwear and development of novel environmental technologies for leather sector.CLRI has been one of the premier R&D organisations with strong foundation in both basic and applied research in leather and allied sciences. The major departments engaged in the fundamental research area include Biotechnology, Biomaterials, Bacteriology, Bio-products, Polymer Science & Technology, Chemistry, Biophysics, Environmental and Chemical Engineering, NMR, etc. At any given point of time about 30-40 research students are working for Ph.D. under Madras/Anna Universities

Major departments and field of research in CLRI :

  • Leather Processign technology centre
  • Centre for leather Apparels and accessories development
  • Shoe design and developme centre
  • Centre for human and organisational Resource development
  • Chemical sciences
  • Biological sciences
  • Information sciences
  • Engineering sciences
  • Supporting sciences
  • Administrative services
  • Regional centre for Extension and development


Seeking excellence in science is the emerging culture in CLRI. Recent major contributions at CLRI relate to insights into the structural aspects of collagen, nutritional disorders relating to collagen, aqueous chemistry of chromium, structural stability of chrome-collagen compounds, vegetable tannin resources, development of novel NMR techniques, molecular understanding of chrome tanning, assembly and organisation of small to macro molecules, thermodynamics of self-assemblies and micellar formation, interpenetrating polymeric networks, controlled drug delivery systems, new synthetic methods for polymers, transport phenomena and new analytical testing for eco-sensitive chemicals.

Applied research work has been carried out in new and innovative techniques for leather processing, upgradation of low grade materials, technologies for manufacture of chemical auxiliaries, animal and tannery byproducts utilisation, biotechnology for leather processing, chrome recovery and reuse, cleaner production systems, tannery waste water treatment, effluent control and minimization, modernisation of tannery wet operations, high performance and environment-friendly synthetic tanning agents, surgical sutures and collagen for burn management.


The major R & D activities carried out in the current plan are

TDS Reduction through in-plant measures
Low salt and salt-less preservation
Containing hexavalent chromium in finished leathers
Achieving Zero liquid discharge in raw to wet blue stage
Chicken feed / Dog biscuits from lime fleshing
Pickle liquor recycling in E.I. Tanning
Direct chrome liquor recycling
Enzyme only unhairing process

The anticipated activities in the the next five years are:Process and engineering package for zero wastewater discharge for raw to finishing ,Technology and engineering package for odour abatement in tanneries ,Process package for the production of biodegradable leather ,Technology for the production of leathers with new properties ,Process and engineering packages for the management of various solid wastes and Energy audit in Tanneries

The following training programmes ae also sponsored by CLRI for the benefit of students and college graduates:

Nation wide academic programmes
Diploma in vocational programmes
Short term specialised programmes
Manual and CAD leather goods design
CAD course for footwear design
CAD for garments
CAD for fashion design
Project internship for various courses

A number of advanced processing systems and machinery along with well equipped labs form a prominent part of the facility available for use by the students and researchers.

ADDRESS:  Central Leather Research Institute                    
                Adyar, Chennai 600 020,India
                Tel: 91-44-24915238 Fax: +91-44-24912150

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