Central Institute Of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE)

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Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering (CIAE), Bhopal, was established in 1976 to address research issues related to agricultural engineering in India. Initially, research and developmental work related to farm machinery, post harvest technology and energy in agriculture, were taken up. The various divisions in the Institute were regrouped and two additional divisions namely Agro Industrial Extension and Instrumentation were set up during the 7th Five Year Plan. The divisions were further re-organized and a third division named Irrigation and Drainage Engineering was made operational later.

Major objectives of the Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering:

  • To carry out basic, applied and adaptive research leading to a improvement of equipment, technology, process for crop production, irrigation and drainage, post-harvest technology and processing, and energy-use in agriculture and rural industries.
  • Improvement of hardware and technology in association with other ICAR Institutes in the field of crops, horticulture, aquaculture and animal husbandry for production and processing.
  • Provide leadership and co-ordinate network of research with state agricultural universities for producing location-specific technologies.
  • Render consultancy and attempt sponsored research from industry and other organization
  • Work as a depository of information on agricultural engineering
  • Act as a center for training in research methodologies and technology and conduct post graduate education programs leading to Master's and Doctoral degrees in Agricultural Engineering
  • Exchanging ideas and technological know-how with similar types of national and international organizations for accomplishing all major objectives

Infrastructure of Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering :
One of the striking features of the Institute is its modern infrastructure, which assists the research scholars to carry out their work without any major obstructions:

Research Laboratories -
There are separate laboratories at CIAE for :

  • Tillage and Traction
  • Seeding and Planting
  • Plant Protection
  • Field Plot Machinery
  • Ergonomics
  • Material Testing
  • Animal Energy
  • Cleaning, Grading and Milling
  • Food Engineering Properties and Drying
  • Oil Extraction
  • Food packaging, handling and storage
  • Bio-Chemistry and Microbiology
  • Chemical Analysis and Quality Control
  • Food Processing and Product Development
  • Baking
  • Fermentation
  • Pilot Plants
  • Bio-Fuel Energy
  • Mechanical Power
  • Irrigation Equipment Testing

Library - The CIAE library is well equipped to take care of the needs of scientists and other employees. It has a huge collection of latest books and journals in the field of Agricultural Engineering and related subjects. It also supplies documentation and information services to scientific, as well as technical staff and extension workers of the Institute. The Institute Library also provides services to other university students.

Other facilities of the CIAE includes:

  • Research Farm
  • Research Workshop and Prototype Production Cente
  • Agricultural Research Information System (ARIS) Cell
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) Cell
  • Instrumentation Cell
  • Guest House and Trainee's Hostel
  • International Training Center

Central Institute of Agricultural Engineering
Nabi Bagh, Berasia Road, Bhopal - 4620 38
Telephone: 91-755-2737191, Fax : 91-755-2734016 Website-

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