Central Salt and Marine Chemical Research Institute

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The need for salt research was recognized by the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR), New Delhi as early as 1940, when, at the instance of Dr.S.S.Bhatnagar, a Salt Research Committee was established to formulate a programme of research on the production and utilization of salt. This Committee was later amalgamated with the Heavy Chemicals Committee and revived in July 1948 with Dr. Mata Prasad as the Chairman.
The mission of the Institute and its people is to work in partnership with visionary sponsors and collaborators to generate the knowledge and innovations required for efficient utilization of our coastal wasteland, sea water, marine algae, solar power and silicates. The Institute will also harness its capabilities in biosciences, chemical transformation, process engineering, environmental monitoring, separation science and analysis to address focused needs of industries and organizations in the region and beyond. 
The thrust areas of research are:
  • Molecular biology and Biotechnology
  • Phytochemistry
  • Seaweed cultivation
  • Marine Environment
  • Molecular Sensors
  • Eelctron transfer process
  • Co-ordination chemistry
  • Crystal Chemistry
  • Computational and molecular modelling studies
  • Phytosalinity
  • Reverse Osmosis Engineering
  • Electro membrane process
The following are the major projects carried out in the institute:
  • Reliance Project on Polyolefin
  • Supply of RO plants of different capacities to various parties
  • Preparation of chemical hydrided based hydrogen storage sorbets
  • Feasibility studies on concentration of aqueous acetic acid solution from PTA-RIL plant effluent by RO & ED techniques
  • To study proof of concept for the merseberg process starting with fluorogypsum
  • Environmental Audit
  • One step hydroxylation of benzene to phenol over transition metal containing hydrotalcites and their modified forms
  • Synthesis of chiral hydrocydnins cy intermediactes for industrially important bio-active compounds through chiral catalytic redte
  • Improved process based on membrane for the recovery of acid and organic compound from the reaction mixture
  • Preparation of Synthetic hydrotalcite - Halogen scavenger grade and Pharmaceutical grade
  • Preparations of nutrient rich Salt of plant origins
  • Electrodialysis Domestic Desalination System
  • Preparation of novel iodizing agent
  • CleanWrite WRITING CHALK
  • Fabrication of community scale desalination plants including animal powered and solar powered desalination units
  • Simultaneous production of liquid seaweed fertilizer and seaweed granules containing kappa carrageenan from Kappaphycus alvarezii
  • Integrated Process For The Recovery Of Salt & Marine Chemicals
  • Potassium Sulphate From Sulphate Rich Bittern
  • Somatic Embryogenesis and Clonal Propagation of Kappaphycus alvarezii
  • Cultivation of commercially important seaweeds Kappaphycus alvarezii and Gracilaria edulis
  • Preparation of Bacteriological Agar

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