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NIIST is a constituent Laboratory of CSIR, India engaged in R&D Programs in the area of Agroprocessing, Chemical Sciences, Materials & Minerals, Biotechnology and Process Engineering and Environmental Science & Technology. The programmes have a blend of basic research and technology development & commercialisation; have specific thrusts on frontier areas of research, National Mission Projects, regional resource-based activities and R & D - Industry - Academia linkages. The Laboratory has excellent collaborative programmes with major National & International agencies too.
The focus of CSIR efforts has always been the development of indigenous technologies and optimum utilization of indigenous resources. In these efforts, interaction with users of CSIR technologies, i.e., industrial establishments is of vital importance. The first step in this interaction is making available to users adequate information about the infrastructure and R & D capabilities available in different CSIR laboratories. CSIR laboratories today play a major role in enhancing the country's industrial growth and the quality of life of its people

The specific areas in which specialised research are carried out are:
  • Agroprocessing and Natural products
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemical Science and technology
  • Material science
  • Mineral sciences
  • Process Engineering
  • Environment Technology


  • Arachaeometallurgy
  • Beneficiation of ilmenite for value added products
  • Building ceramics
  • Characterisation of Moulding Sands
  • Development of Al alloys and premium quality Al alloy castings
  • Development of Aluminium alloy matrix composites
  • Development of process flowsheets for the production fo synthetic rutile from ilmenite
  • Fatigue and fracture studies of engineering materials
  • Functional coatings
  • Functionally Graded Materials (FGM) and In situ Composites
  • Investigations onto the aeration rusting of iron from metallised ilmenite
  • Low pressure casting of Al and Mg alloys
  • Micromechanical modeling
  • Nanocomposites
  • Nano materials
  • Near net shape casting Squeeze, Investment and Centrifugal
  • Physical, chemical and mineralogical characterization of ilmenite and rare earth minerals
  • Plasma processing of ilmenite
  • Preparation and characterization of rare earth titanates
  • Rare earth metal extraction and their refinement to ultra high purity
  • Recycling of Al alloys and their composites
  • Reduction of iron oxide minerals for the production of sponge iron using agrobased reductants
  • Semisolid processing of Al alloys and composites
  • Standardization of Heat treatment schedule
  • Structure Property Correlation

The ongoing projects are:

  • Bacterial Tannase
  • Custom tailored special materials-nano structured Inorganic materials for novel electronic, magnetic, optical, structural and transducer application
  • Development and demonstration of environmental friendly technologies in Kerala building materials sector
  • Developing Green Technologies
  • Development of Rare earth phosphate (monozite) Ceramic Thermal insulators and thermal Barrier Coatings
  • Development of RE phosphate as thermal insulator and machinable composite ceramics
  • EMR Project-Alpha galactosidase
  • EMR Project-Bioactive molecules from halophilic actinomycetes
  • EMR Project-Laccases
  • Green Technology
  • Microbial Wealth-SMM
  • Mycobacterium research
  • Pilot scale Demonstration and Techno-Economic Evaluation of High Volume Flux Bonded fly ash Building components
  • Resource mapping and product diversification for modernisation of Kerala Tile Industries
  • Silica Aerogel low di-electric substrates and super insulators for defence related applications
  • Sol gel Alumina Composites
  • Substrate specific enzymes (Indo-Hungarian)

Opportunities exist in a range of research programmes in areas like :

Natural Products Chemistry, Green Chemistry, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, Pharmacology, Photoscience, Toxicology,Nanostructured Materials, Self-assembling & Supramolecular Materials, Electronic & Optical device fabrication & Testing

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