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NCL, India is a research, development and consulting organisation with a focus on chemistry and chemical engineering. It has a successful record of research partnership with industry.
NCL Pune was established in 1950 as a research and development organization for the advancement of chemical sciences and chemical engineering. It aims at assisting the chemical and allied industries to emerge as profit generating competitive entities. National Chemical Industries in Pune focuses on increasing efficiency and organizational effectiveness.

Pune NCL has a total personnel strength of 1567 members comprising 851 permanent staff, 403 project members pursuing B.E. or M.Sc courses, 304 research fellows, and 9 research associates
The activities of Pune NCL are variegated. They include:
  • Areas of study and research - The study and research areas include: i) Organic Chemistry; ii) Catalysis; iii) Biochemical Sciences like pant molecular biology, industrial microbiology, and plant tissue culture; iv) Physical and Materials Chemistry which includes Nanomaterials science and technology, and Computational science; v) Chemical Engineering Science covering Biochemical engineering, Reaction Engineering, Industrial flow modeling, Process Simulation and modeling; vi) Polymer Science and Engineering which includes Polymer Physics, Polymer Chemistry, Polymer and materials modeling, Membrane technology and science, and polymer engineering and complex fluids
  • Applied research and technology is market driven and is done on behalf of Indian and multi-national government associations
  • Exploratory science and research
  • Scientific and Consultancy Services in process engineering, Research and Development activities, investment strategy, technology assessment, and usage of specialized techniques
  • Maintenance of national resource centers and Housing - NCL Pune collects and preserves organisms, maintains instruments, runs a library, and acts as a source for information for chemical sciences


Pune National Chemical Limited is broadly organized into Knowledge Competencies group, and the Business group. The Knowledge Competency groups are responsible for research and development, data and sample collection and interpretation. The Business groups cater to the industrial clients and their requirements

NCL trains the largest number of Ph.D. students in the chemical and allied disciplines in India. NCL scientists are recognized as Ph.D. supervisors at local universities, such as Pune and Mumbai Universities and IIT, Mumbai. Doctoral students register at and receive their degrees from these universities.  While the students carry out their thesis work at NCL, NCL does not formally award degrees.  Other than Ph.D. students, several MSc and B.Tech / B.E. students work on their final year projects at NCL.  NCL scientists often teach at local colleges and universities. 

NCL also conducts specialized continuing education programs for the industry.  NCL has been conducting training programmes for Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) in polyolefin manufacturing technologies, structure-property performance relationships, polyolefin rheology, processing of polyolefins, developments in catalysis, reaction engineering and product development as well as the global industry scenario. NCL has developed two tailor-made coursewares on Polymer science and engineering and Rheology of complex fluids for training research scientists and engineers at the General Electric- J.F. Welch Technology Centre (GE-JFWTC), Bangalore.


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