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Introduction: Indian Association of Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata established in the year 1876 is one of the oldest institutions dedicated to the field of fundamental research encompassing all aspects of basic sciences. Founded by the philanthropist, Dr.Mahendra Lal Sircar, the Institute has made significant contributions in the field of cultivation of science. It has also witnessed several discoveries by eminent scientists like K S Krishnan, S Bhagavantam, K Banerjee, L Srivastava, N K Sethi, C Prosad and M N Saha just to name a few. In fact the Nobel Laureate Dr.C.V Raman had spent quite a few years in this institute.


Located in the southern fringes of Kolkata, just opposite to the Jadavpore University campus and adjacent to the Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, IACS is spread across a plot of land measuring almost about 9.54 acres.


1.  Departments at Indian Association of Cultivation of Science (IACS), Kolkata:

The following are the various Departments under IACS Kolkata

    • Materials Science
    • Solid State Physics
    • Spectroscopy
    • Theoretical Physics
    • Physical Chemistry
    • Inorganic Chemistry
    • Organic Chemistry
    • Biological Chemistry
    • Director's Research Unit
    • Polymer Science Unit
    • Energy Research Unit
    • MLS Professor's Unit
    • Center for Advanced Materials

Material Science Department:
This is one of the most important departments of the Institute which works in front line areas like: Hard coatings (diamond and DLC), nitrides (Ga and B), semiconductors for solar cell application, metals, alloys of space and defense interest, exotic polymers, semi-conductors in nanocrystalline form for LED, crystals with non-linear properties,CMR materials, properties of materials at very low temperatures, etc.

Solid State Physics:
The significant research works of this department are ultrasonics and Mossbauer spectroscopy. However in recent years, several experimental techniques viz. conduction calorimetry, photoacoustic spectroscopy, different techniques for thermal and galvanomagnetic effect studies were indigenously developed. Structural and phase transition studies in crystals by X-rays were also undertaken. In the sixties several new experimental disciplines like electron paramagnetic resonance, optical spectroscopy, and Zeeman effect were introduced in the department.
Spectroscopy -
In this department the research undertaken are charge transfer, contribution to SERS, crystalline state reactions, vibrational relaxation and molecular geometry which have been investigated using Laser Raman Spectroscopy. Absorption, steady state and time resolved luminescence spectroscopy have been used to study energy transfer in restricted geometries, photo induced electron transfer in donor acceptor systems, second order spin orbit coupling and photorotamerism in certain heterocyclic molecules, photoenolization in excited state, orientation and aggregation of molecules in Langmuir - Blodgett films.

Department of Physical Chemistry-
The Department of Physical Chemistry is engaged in researches pertaining to elucidation of structure and dynamics of molecules in isolated states,solvated or bath-coupled states and in the organized assemblies. The recent projects deal with laser induced processes, spectroscopic studies, electronic structure, dynamics and statistical mechanics.

Polymer Science Unit-
This is the most happening departments of IACS ,the most significant works being Controlled synthesis of polymers, block copolymers and their characterization, polymer blends, conducting composites, dispersion polymerization, chemistry of vulcanization of rubbers, polymer-surfactant interactions, miceller solutions, polymer crystallization and polymer gelation . Apart from its out standing publications the unit has filed a number of patents and technologically developed biosensor for measuring biological oxygen demands in waste water.
2.  Academic Programs at Indian Association of Cultivation of Science(IACS), Kolkata:
Doctoral Programs
Post Doctoral Programs
Visiting Scientists Programs


3. Selection Procedure at Indian Association of Cultivation of Science(IACS), Kolkata:
Students interested for doctoral programs need to apply first followed by written tests and interview. The admission is done strictly on the basis of merit.


4. Important publications by Indian Association of Cultivation of Science(IACS), Kolkata:
Indian Journal of Physics, the prestigious journal is being published by the Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science since 1926. C V Raman was the founder and first editor. The second volume of the journal published his famous article "A New Radiation", reporting the discovery of Raman Effect. In India, this is the oldest journal in Physics and the contributors are from all over the world.
Address: 2A&2B Raja S C Mullick Road, Kolkata 700032, INDIA.

Phone: +91-33-2473 4971/ 5374/3073/3372

Fax: +91-33-2473 2805


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