Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

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Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Delhi, at its initiation was known as Indian Research Fund Association (IRFA), which was established in 1911. Several organizational and functional changes were brought about in the IRFA after independence. Finally in 1949 it was restructured to form ICMR. The ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India provides the necessary funds to ICMR.


The Indian Council of Medical Research is a premier research institute, which formulates, co-ordinates and promotes biomedical research in India. The health minister of India heads the governing body of ICMR. He is assisted by a Scientific Advisory Board, which includes eminent professionals from the biomedical fields. A group of Scientific Advisory Groups, Scientific Advisory Committees, Expert Groups, Task Forces, and Steering Committees in turn helps the board to carry on its functions.


Areas of Research  at ICMR:

Internal research activities are carried on at the permanent institutes of ICMR. These are national institutes located at different parts of the country and conduct mission-oriented research work. The areas with which these institutes deal include :

  • Tuberculosis
  • Leprosy
  • Cholera
  • Diarrhoeal diseases
  • Viral diseases including AIDS
  • Malaria
  • Kala-Azar
  • Vector Control
  • Nutrition
  • Food & Drug toxicology
  • Reproduction
  • Immunohaematology
  • Oncology
  • Medical Statistics

The regional medical centers of ICMR conduct research on regional health problems. These centers also aim to strengthen or generate research capabilities in different geographic areas of the country.


ICMR conducts external research by:

  • Setting up Centers for Advanced Research in different research areas
  • Setting up task force studies with emphasis on a time-bound, goal-oriented approach with clearly defined targets, specific time frames, standardized and uniform methodologies.
  • Open-ended research on the basis of applications for grants-in-aid received from scientists in non-ICMR Research Institutes, Medical colleges, Universities etc. located in different parts of the country.

Academic Programs offered by ICMR:

  • Research Fellowships
  • Short-Term Visiting Fellowships.
  • Short-Term Research Studentships.
  • Several Training Programs and Workshops conducted by Institutes of ICMR.

Institutes under ICMR:

The permanent institutes functioning under ICMR are -

Agra National Jalma Institute for Leprosy & Other Mycobacterial Diseases (NCJILMD)
Ahmedabad National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH)
Chennai Tuberculosis Research Centre (TRC)
National Institute of Epidemology
Delhi National Institute of Malaria Reserach (NIMR)
Institute of Pathology (IOP)
National Institute of Medical Statistics (NIMS)
Hyderabad National Institute of Nutrition (NIN)
National Centre for Laboratory Animal Science (NCLAS)
Food and Drug Toxicology reserach Centre (FDTRC)
Kolkata National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Disease (NICED)
Madurai Centre for Research in Medical Entomology (CRME)
Institute of Immunohemotology (IIH)
Enterovirus Research centre (ERC)
Genetic Research centre
Noida Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology (ICPO)
Patna Rajendra Memorial Research Institute of Medical Sciences (PMRIMS)
Pondicherry Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC)
Pune Microbial Containment Complex (MCC)
National Institute of Virology (NIV)
National AIDS Research Institute (NARI)


Regional Medical Research Centre of ICMR:
  • Regional Medical Research Center Bhubaneswar
  • Regional Medical Research Center Dibrugarh
  • Regional Medical Research Center Port Blair
  • Regional Medical Research Center Jabalpur
  • Desert Medicine Research Center Jodhpur
  • Regional Medical Research Center Belgaum

Contact Address of ICMR:

Indian Council of Medical Research

V. Ramalingaswami Bhawan, Ansari Nagar,

New Delhi - 110029, India
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