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Gokhale Institute of Politics and Economics»

University Type :  Deemed
District :  Pune
City :  Pune
State :  Maharashtra
Established Year :  1930
Founder :  Gopal Krishna Gokhale
Location :  The Institute is located in the premises of the Servants of India Society, established in 1905 by the great Indian nationalist leader Gopal Krishna Gokhale (1866-1915). On the Fergusson Hill behind the Institute lies the spot where Gokhale took the vows of the Society – poverty, obedience, and service to nation - and administered them to three others. It has become a landmark because of the erection of a column there. Gokhale’s bungalow still stands in the precincts of the Society. So does a massive banyan tree under which Gokhale and M.K. Gandhi used to discuss political issues. Gandhi regarded Gokhale as his ‘political guru’.
Address : 
B. M. C. C. Road
Deccan Gymkhana � 411004
Telephone : 
020 25650287, 4288,4289

Fax : 
020 25652579

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