Education and Spirituality must confluence

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To see Science connoisseurs having  interest in spirituality is quite rare.

Dr Abdul Kalam explains how both these two are imperative for the development of  India.  His views that heave up zest in the young hearts are the colourful flambeau of future India.  Now Dr. Kalam's thoughts as words . . . 

Spirituality and Education must converge together. Each one of us must recognize our own Self. We are the immaculate power to unite the prestigious past and grand future.

We have to whisk our slumbering latent power to guide us.  We have to attain a high status in life taking unfailing lessons from our mistakes committed. The developed India must eschew the attitude of breakdown. 

You must listen to the teachings of Patanjali Yogi:  When you are drawn towards a high ideal or by an amazing plan, your entire thought-force shatters all its barriers.  Your mind crosses its horizons.  Your self-realization expands on all sides.

You see yourself  in a new, lofty, wonderful world.  All  your crippled activities and talents are rejuvenated and raise with fresh vigor. You will be a supreme person reaching a  superior height more than what you have dreamt of yourself so far. This is the Yoga Sutra pronounced by Patanjali.

This is the exposition given to us all.  A nation's status is raised by its people.  Only through their efforts they become the chief citizens of their own developed country.  The most dynamic and energetic minds are the prime powerful resources of this soil.  My firm belief is that by 2020, the one hundred crore people of the country will become an amazing power and make India a flourishing country.

In  1972, my guide Professor Satish Dhawan assigned to me the responsibility of conducting a very important project.  He provided me financial help, and also other support and resources to fulfill the plan. He also gave me an advice: "Kalam, if we are not doing any work, we do not have any problems.  But, when we try to engage ourselves in a large mission,  problems pop up every now and then.  We should not let our problems take a lead and overcome us; instead, we should take up the lead, defeat the problems and become successful."

When I was working for SLV plan, an incident occurred in 1978.  We were at Sriharikota to launch SLV Rocket.  The job of linking the accessory parts made in Trivandrum was going on in Sriharikota.  At that time a severe storm centred in the Bay of Bengal attacked Sriharicota.  Generally, an ordinary storm attack will last for half an hour or one hour or utmost 2 hours.  But, that years storm lasted unusually for 28 hours and was beating round and round Sriharikota. So, there were interruptions in our work. 

Thousands of trees fell down. But, at the same time all the buildings escaped because R.T. John, the Chief Engineer, had constructed them so excellently well   to withstand even a 250 km speedy tempest. Accordingly in 1979,  we launched the  SLV.Rocket in the sky.  But, due to certain problems, this plan failed.

We tried again in the year 1980.  July18th was the date fixed to launch SLV.  It has to carry for the first time a satellite named Rohini weighing 40 kgs.  The rocket had to be launched at 8.30 am.  I was the Director of the plan.  What happened in my office at 4.30 am. remains still fresh in my memory.

My friend Mr.Tarsem Singh, the Project Director of the Satellite, Rohini, was reading the sacred text Guru Granth Sahib. The Vehicle Director of the Satellite,  Mr.Srinivasan was reciting some slokas from the Bhagawad Gita.  I was doing the morning Namas.  The only prayer of all of us belonging to different religions was the success of the project.

In spite of the bounded scientific ambience, this spiritual scenario reflected the cultural heritage of the Indians.  We launched successfully the satellite Rohini, and made her orbit the World.   Crossing all hurdles and with the cooperation of all, SLV 3 became a successful project .

This incident was responsible to make India become a big Space Force.  When we have problems, we have to take efforts to win them over in life instead of drooping down. If you have an objective in mind and if you have determination,  you will certainly accomplish your goal successfully.

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