New Era of Nano Technology

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Biotechnology has seen tremendous changes through Information Technology.  In the field of Medicine, Science and Physics Nano-Technology has brought in a new era.

The science of Nano-Technology has initiated great expectations to achieve something immense, with minute complications.  This new technology has shown a way to men to lead a life without diseases. The modern biotechnology has uncovered techniques to conduct innumerable researches.

Both Chemistry and Physics hold a significant place in Atomic researches.  Likewise, researches in the field of science, particularly in Biotechnology have progressed in the venture of adhering Nano atoms together.  There are new  discoveries in the Department of Genetics, at the International Biomedical Science and Technological Center at Chennai

To prevent neurological and heart problems of the foetus,  the center at Chennai has discovered a new technological device to insert genetic products into the womb of the mother.  Importance and preference must be given to researches that would prevent diseases that  attack men.

The New National Research Center has to offer recommendations for  researches    in the fields like Plants and Agriculture, Science, Medicine and related diseases, Biomolecular medicine, and Environmental Biotechnology. They have to go for an MoU with both National and International Organizations to undertake researches. Nano-Technology techniques are used in the treatment of Parkinsons disease.

The National Brain Research Center should form a Committee of Research Experts in Science and conduct cooperative activities with Penn State University in America.  India produces 12% cotton of the World Market.  However, the Agriculturists of India do not cultivate more cotton.  Researchers of Plant Gene have a plan to find a long lasting cotton variety.  Because of this, the economical status of the Agriculturists will raise.  The Environmental Biotechnologists have expressed concern about the Methane gas emitted at the Global level. To use it constructively, researches are essential.

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