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Dr. Abdul Kalam, the mobile University, incites the thirst of knowledge in the students.  His knowledge-based talks make a deep impact in the listeners' minds.  They thus get an energetic impetus to drive ahead their homes and homeland.  Here he presents the thoughts that unleash out of his mind.

I had worked as a scientist. Later, I served as a  Professor in the Anna University. At that time, I had met many students and interacted with them. 

I was taking ten classes per week.  Later, I was appointed as the President of India.  A Minister was assigned the duty of coordinating the events of the Presidents Oath-taking ceremony.

When I was at Chennai, that Minister contacted me over the phone and asked me: 'Kalamji, whats your wish? At what auspicious time have you decided to assume  office?  Have you contacted any of your astrologers?"

I answered him: "The earth takes 24 hours to revolve around itself.  Thus, it takes 365 days to go around the Sun.  Likewise, the Sun goes around the Milky Way.  The time, hence, is an event indicating this routine. So, all time is good time when these events happen.  Time, then, is an astronomical event and not an astrological one."  The Minister was very happy.  Later on, I took oath as Rashtrapathi on 25th July, 2002.

Just as the earth that revolves around the Sun, the Sun takes 25 crores of years to go around the Milky Way. Efforts are taken up to know more about these natural events.  At first, Newton told us about the Law of Motion and Gravitational Force.

After him, Maxwell gave us the theory of Electro-Magnetism.  Then, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar presented 'Chandrasekhar Limit'.  He was the one to discover the life of the stars.  According to his findings, our Sun will remain bright for 1000 crores of years.

His contemporary, Einstein provided the theory of Relativity. Afterwards, Stephen Hawking through his book 'A Brief History of Time' tried to coordinate all these ideas together and explain the movement of the Milky Ways. Finally, he ventured to create by means of an image, a Unified Theory of God in his theory.  This is a vast field and by understanding this, it is possible to know how the world was created, why and how were we born and lived.

Once a girl student asked me whether I had belief in God.  The place where the Students Meet had been arranged, was an open air theatre.  I saw up the sky, innumerable stars were twinkling.  I told her: "the earth revolves around the Sun, the Sun in turn, goes round the Milky Way and the Milky Way we are in, is the smallest Milky Way in the Cosmos.

You can see this in the night.  In our Milky Way, the Sun is also a small star.  There are many stars bigger than this.  There are many planets in our star.  Comparing with Mars and Jupiter the earth we live in is quite small.  Look at the stars in the sky.  They could be created by One only.  That is why I believe in God" I told the Girl.

In this small planet, more than 600 crores of people are living.  The life bestowed on us must be spent usefully.  I asked my friends that I want to see the Thirukkural palmleaf, the manuscript written by Thiruvalluvar himself. Many of them said that its absolutely impossible.  It would have been dissolved in the tides of time and vanished in the air.  I believe that palmleaf would be available somewhere in India.  We must find it out.

Thiruvalluvar has not mentioned in the Thirukkural either about his caste or country or religion.  He has not sung about the religion or country or community that would sever mankind.

To conduct research on Valluvar's period, the circumstances in which he lived and wrote Thirukkural is imperative.  By this research we can bring unity in our country, why? even in this world.

Let us meet again. All the best!

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