Let us scale the skies . . . . measure the sea depths!

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Nobody is going to respect us, unless India stands before the world with an upright head.  There is no place for terror in this world.  Strength alone earns esteem from the Super Powers.  Dr. Abdul Kalam repeatedly stresses that we require army power and economic ability and he shares his thoughts in writing.

Do you know why in the past 3000 years of the Indian histroy,  the foreign invaders from all over the world attacked us and snatched away our country?

From Alexander onwards, the Greek, Portugese, British, French and the Dutch invaded India, plundered and grabbed our rightful properties.  We, likewise, did not attack anyone, nor invaded any country.  We did not destroy any country or its culture or altered its entire history.

The Sepoy Mutiny was in 1857 that was our Revolution for Independence.  We have to save, protect and put in order that Independence.  Without that freedom none will respect us.

Bharathiyar sang:
Arms well make and good paper too,
Well found factories and varsities as well,
Well scale the skies and measure the sea depths
Well watch and know the moons orbit.

Many raise the question the reason behind a progressing country indulging in space research.  We have involved in this venture with an one-pointed mind.  We should not be in a secondary status before the world community in resolving the human social problems by using the advanced scientific and technological techniques.

The next requirement of India is the progression in industrial skill as well as the development of health and hygienic welfare.  For more than 50 years India has been considered as a progressing country.  Now, the time has come to think ourselves as a progressed country.  All countries desire that India should be a friendly country to them.  India is a responsible country.  It would never be a country to produce and promulgate disastrous weapons.  But,  there are countries with nuclear weapons around us.  So, India too has become a nuclear weapon country.

Poverty in our country is declining.  Our paramount achievements have allured the world. None is going to respect us, unless we stand before the world with our heads erect.  There is no place for panic in this world.  Strength alone  receives the esteem from the Super Powers.  We must get the power of arms and economic ability.

In 1963, when Russia and America sent Space Shuttles carrying men to go orbit the Space, the Space Research in India had just begun. In the same year on November 21, Indias  two-tier rocket Nike-Apache was launched from the Rocket station, Thumba, Trivandrum.  The rocket roared vertically straight into the skies, tearing it open against the gravitational pull.

It carried approximately 25 kgs sodium propellant container and reached 125 miles height.  The Thumba rocket station is very close to the earths magnetic equator fit to launch sounding rockets.  This is the first step of Indias space invasion.

In India there is enormous scope for the youngsters to reach heights so far not reached.  There is also strength and skill in them to accomplish that which cannot be completed.  Students do have share in detecting new techniques.

That we can comfortably relax in 2020 after we become a Super Power it is not the meaning.  It is a continuous journey for the sake of our peoples welfare.  This can be achieved only by men with multifarious abilities, knowledge skill and a mind with fiery thoughts.

We have taken enough steps to convert India as a progressed country.  Each one of us must be proud about this fact.  Only in such a condition, India will reach a state that it is a progressed country.

My hearty wishes to you all!

Dr. Kalams explication of Thirukkural:


Health, wealth, joy, fertility and safety
Are a lands five ornaments.


If a country is to be considered flourishing, it should be devoid of sickness,  thriving in wealth,  must have good cultivation, a congenial and peaceful ambience and be with heavy safety measures.


All one aims at can be gained
If one is but firm.


We can achieve what we desire through our uphill struggle and indefatigable audacity.  When our thoughts are excellent,  good efforts, hard work and tireless bravery will be natural to us and that labor will make our lives dear.


Laugh at misfortune nothing so able
To triumph over it.


It is but natural in human lives that some impediments or afflictions cross when a task is initiated and till it is completed. We should not be disheartened at the miseries.  We must have mental strength and with this mental power, we can drive away the torments.

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