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Gandhiji said that the development of India was only in the villages.  Dr. Abdul Kalam states that if the villages progress, India would become a Super Power.  We cannot achieve complete development without the progression of the villages. Here Dr. Kalam erects the trajectory to those who dream of India becoming a Super Power.

A nation's progression depends on its economic development and in its safety measures.  It is indispensable to manufacture different competitive products and export them.  In the 21st century the principal investment of the world communities is neither the money nor the quantum of labourers strength. On the contrary, it is knowledge which has become a significant entity.  Through the steady growth of knowledge skill and its precise use in the society, a nations economy and life-style can well be raised.

The quality of life can be deliberated with the measurements such as hygiene, education and infrastructure.  Our dream is a progressed India.  There is no dearth of natural and human resources in India.  Our country has some exclusive competitiveness.  We should not consider our countrys population as a burden.  But, all these things are scattered as separate groups.

We cannot take ourselves to be a progressed country, unless todays Indians and the future members who are going to increase the population number, elevate the society.  Our citizens should not only enjoy a safe and contented present but also be in a stage to look forward to a paramount future.

We are expecting that developed India only.  If the progressing country has to become a progressed one, it should market its products in various countries.  Competitive spirit determines economic growth.  The quality of the products, the fair price that will yield good result and maintaining the time-frame to fulfil the demand are the factors that monitor the economic growth.

The meaning of 'Progressed India' is to understand the Law of Progression, namely, the competitive ability of the progressing/progressed countries to market their products.  The 'Progressed India' means to convert our countrys economy to a very high economy of the world. For this, the people should live above the poverty line.

Their health and education must be at the top.  We will become a 'Progressed Country' only when the villages get facilities like the cities.  Then only the migration of the people from the villages to towns will become lesser. The rural populace have begun moving to the urban areas because of more number of job opportunities in the towns.

In most of the urban localities more than 50% of the area are worthless places for living,  full of huts with no facilities.  Since the people live in the outskirts of the township, they  become quite tired and weak, to go for and come back from work. Ring-roads must be constructed to create village pools and link them,  so that the traffic between one village to another would be made easy.  Such activities would make villages self-accomplished.

Whether a country has reached the status of a progressive, knowledge based society can be analyzed only by gauging how best is the knowledge generation and pooling in various areas such as Communication and Information technology, Agriculture, Industries and Health.

The Expert Groups identify the following as the basic lessons of our country:

1.Information and Communication technology
2.Space Research
4.Meteorological Technology
5.Modern Distance Medicine and Distance Learning

Information technology bridges all these together.

Our India is changing into a Information-Communication society.  But, to change into a knowledge-based society, it must improve not only in this discipline but also in several other disciplines.  We have now opportunities beneficial to us.

Best wishes to you all!

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