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Dr Abdul Kalam an obvious illustration of the maxim that Truth is great, but leading an honest life is greater than that, shares some of his views here.

School-going age in everyone's life is an excellent  childhood stage to learn many  things in life.  The age between six to seventeen is the best period to gain knowledge. The time the children spend in schools is the best time for their learning.

The need of today is, to create a proper learning environment, to teach with a vision to achieve goal and an evaluation based educational system.  Pestalozzi, one of the best teachers, once said, "Give me a child for seven years; then, let it be taken by God or Satan. But they cannot change the child. Such is the  power of a good teacher.

Every school must allot weekly a classroom hour to introduce great achievers of the world.  This must be planned in such a way to motivate young thinkers. Teaching must be focussed on the accomplishments of great achievers, thinkers and scientists like Buddha, Confucius, St. Augustine, Khalifah Umar, Mahatma Gandhi, Einstein, and Abraham Lincoln.  The instruction must be also  on matters related to our culture and tradition.

When children reach seventeen years, the parents and teachers must act responsibly to make them knowledgeable citizens. We can celebrate the 20th Century as the century of Intellect. But the 21st Century must be considered as the century of  Intellectual Governance.

The child must learn how to administer Intellectual skill. The students in every school must be familiar with the new techniques that help them to learn.  The schools should have Computer lab facilities and must create a congenial atmosphere for learning through internet

When the children grow old, in order to encourage the skill of workmanship, the school itself must educate them to develop that skill.  They must be trained to face trials they have encountered,  if they are to get large scale profits.   They must be taught to lead a righteous life. These things alone will give them vigor to confront challenges.

Honest leadership qualities must be developed amidst young students. There are two kinds in this: (1)  He should be trained to carry on the dreams and objectives for the sake of the societys welfare. (2) He should motivate others to do respectable deeds, by himself performing honorable services.

Research frame of mind, Imaginative skill, technical skill, craftsmanship and righteous leadership qualities these five qualities should be taught and inculcated in the minds of the children while they are studying.

A Committee free of politics must be constituted to govern the school syllabus.  The Committee alone should decide on the deletion or addition in the syllabus.  They must include only the content useful to the children in future. Part of the Science syllabus should include Marine Science,  Nano-Technology and Waste-materials Administration.  The children should not feel the syllabus as a burden but should take it with interest.

The syllabus must be framed in such a way to help them to provide job opportunities in future. The children should be trained in the school itself to develop skills to work in the Maintenance field, Call Centers, Para-medical  services, Consumer Electronics, Nursing, Marketing, Tourism and Hotel services.  If they have to work after completing plus two, they have to be endowed with job opportunities.  The scheme of education has to identify the intellectual buds to be introduced  to the outer world.

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