To Upsurge Light in the young minds is the teacher's aim

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Our Former President Dr.Abdul Kalam has unbounded love for both the students and the teachers. He has no second opinion  that the future of India depends on the present day students.  He is firm in his idea that the Teachers must be a guide and a lesson to the students.

A sculptor, if he leads the life of a sculptor would have created perhaps hundreds of sculptures. But if he has the qualities of a teacher and teach the same art to many, he would have creted thousands of sculptors and through them would have made millions of sculptures. This is the job of the  teacher.

Dr Abdul Kalam discusses such characteristics that a  teacher should possess.

He says: I have been meeting nearly 30 lakhs  students and 2 lakhs teachers for the past seven years during Teachers day celebrations and Award conferring  functions in schools and colleges..  Whenever I meet teachers, I make them take the oath of Seven-point Pledge.  It describes the link between learning and teaching in our educational system. Now,  you must know the explication of  the Seven-point Pledge.

1. Of all the things, I love teaching most.  It is my spirit.
2. I realize that my duty is not only to shape the young minds, but also to augment the resources considered as the future potential in them.   I will  conduct myself with the demeanor fit to the objective of teaching profession.
3. I will consider myself as an exemplary teacher and set forth special efforts to change an ordinary student into an extraordinary one.
4. The rapport between students and myself will be akin to the affiliation between me and my Father, Mother, Brothers and Sisters.
5. I will behave in such a way that my life will be a lesson to my students.
6. I will encourage my students to ask questions. I know that only then their analytical thinking would grow in them and that they would become knowledgeable citizens.
7. I will treat all my students in the same manner with no discrimination of  religion, caste and language
8. I am conscious of the fact that only when I continuously develop my skill, I can impart high-quality education to students.
9. I will enjoy soulfully the success of my students
10.  I realize that I am a Teacher.  I know that I have a role in the development of nation.
11. I will fill my mind with superior thoughts. I will perform good deeds.  I will go in the noble path only.

During my educational career between 1936-1957, at every stage I had the  fortune of having one or two very good teachers.  When I was a student at Rameswaram Panchayat School in the year 1936, my teacher Sri. Muthu Iyer showed special interest in me, because I used to do my class work perfectly.  He even came to my house to inform my father that I was a fine student.  My parents were very happy.  My mother gave me sweets.  One day I was absent to the school; Sri Muthu Iyer came home directly to enquire about the reason for my absence.  My father told him that I was having fever. And so could not attend school.

My hand-writing was very horrible;  Muthu Iyer gave me three pages and asked me practise writing.  He also requested my father to follow it up.  Later, when my father spoke to me about Muthu Iyer, I realized that he had only molded me and due to his efforts alone that I had picked up good manners.

When I was a student of Madras Institute of Technology  MIT during the years 1954-57, I was assigned to design a model of a small Fighter Plane.  I was also made to coordinate the team involved in the preparation of the model. Professor Srinivasan .was the Head of the project   He informed me that he was disappointed with the work since the plan lacked clarity.  I told him that I had to collect several details from different teams, and so I might require one more month to complete the project.   He did not pay any heed to this request. 

He said sharply: "Today is Fiday. I'll give three days time until Monday morning. If the Plane-model is not complete before this time,  scholarship will be cut."  I was rudely shocked.  I was totally depending on the scholarship to finish my course.  There was no other way, I was forced to finish it. My team also realized that we had to work night and day to complete the project.  That night we never slept, never ate and took rest only for an hour on Saturday. 

We had almost finished  the Plane-model on Sunday morning.  We felt that somebody was standing behind us in the laboratory.  We turned to see that was Professor Srinivasan.  He appreciated us: "I forced you by fixing time limit. Now, youve designed a good model."

Only under pressure, our minds are activated to think.  I understood that this is a kind of tactics to pull  out talents.  The teachers aim is to extract talents from the students.

Best wishes to all of you.

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