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Know the new counseling process for Engineering studies in TN!- 20-Jun-2019

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At the end of last years engineering counseling it was found that both parents as well as students werent much aware of entire online counseling process that was introduced last year in Tamil Nadu.

When taking up the online counseling process for Engineering programs in Tamil Nadu, it is highly important have a long priority list of institutions to choose. To make a better choice, its good to have cut-off marks of 3 to 5 years, instead of having just few while choosing colleges.  It would be appropriate to give preferences to institutions based on factors such as NIRF ranking, NAAC recognition and NBF certification.   

Today, there are lot of information available on providing guidance regarding education.  Lot of free skill development programs too is available online.  Students should make use of these readily available resources.

In general, students do not give that much of importance to Electrical and Electronics program than they give for Computer Science. At a time when government is looking forward to give more emphasis to electric vehicles, its disappointing that students arent giving least bit of importance to studies related to that.

Whenever there are no seats available in a particular subject in top colleges, its always good to have a large open priority list with relative subjects available in the same college. The major mistake students made last year was that they didnt register with more than 5 college options. Due to this, though they had high cut-off marks, they couldnt make it into good colleges.

The central government recently announced that its a must to take up NEET for studies like Siddha, Ayurvedha and Homeopathy.  Ayush had also told that these traditional medical studies too are equivalent to MBBS. As many people are moving towards treatment through our traditional medical practices, its good to take up studies on these medical practices.   

Students should take a note here, that two different application needs to be filled for MBBS and towards traditional medical practices.  

-Sai Prakash Leomuthu, CEO, Sairam Educational Institutions, Chennai.  


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