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Engineers needed for holistic development!- 23-Jul-2019

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If we compare todays technology that was 20 years ago, we would be able understand the importance of Engineering.

In general, technology along with elite engineers who can bring out changes in technology are highly essential for rapid growth of the country. Without engineers, we may not be able to dream about changes to be brought in the country. Hence, we should understand that Engineers are the real cause for the changes happening in the nation.

Fine now the question is that, although we have significantly developed in the domain of technology, are they really sufficient? The simple answer is a big no. We need more new innovative technologies in the domain of Robotics, Computer Science, Battery Operated Vehicles, Computers, Electronics and Civil.

In this situation where growth is phenomenal, how can we expect new technologies to bloom without engineers? Keeping this scenario, how can we say that the scope for engineering studies is less?  UNESCO has drafted 17 objectives for Sustainable Development Goals before 2030.

Today, the situation is that, anybody can access online speeches of experts and any leading professors with ease.  Henceforth, classroom atmosphere of the teacher writing something on the board and the students quietly listening should change. In the classroom, students should interact more with teachers. The teachers should be open and friendly with the students to attain this atmosphere.  

Finally, to conclude, today's youngsters are much careful and goal oriented. Our role and responsibility is to encourage and provide them with right opportunity to excel.

Rangarajan Mahalakshmi Kishore, Managing Trustee, Vel Tech Educational Institutions.      



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