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IIAP - Indian Institute of Astro-physics !- 12-Oct-2019

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Situated in the city of Bangalore,  Indian Institute of Astrophysics is one of the countrys premier research institution to carry out diverse research activities in the field of Astronomy, Astro -Physics and physics.   

This institution was earlier operational in the Madras Province to carry out observation works. Later after significance growth at various levels, this institution was shifted to Bangalore in the year 1975.  

Functioning with funding from the central government s Ministry of Science & Technology, this institution has its observatory in Kodiakanal, Kavaloor, Gowripeedanur and Henley in Karnataka.

The observatory in Kodaikanal stands out to be the top institution to carry out researches in Solar Atmoshperic Physics. The one at Kavaloor carries out optical researches and then one at Gowripeedanoor carries out detailed study in the area of Radio Hellio Graph. The observatory at Henely carry out in depth study in High Altitude in Gamma Rays.  


Integrated & Phd:

IIAP offers integrated M.Tech & Phd in the field of Astronomical Instrumention through the Department of Applied Opticals & Photonics.  

First of all, students need to complete in two years time that comprises of 4 semester.  Then can register for Phd programme.

To get into this programme, need to have completed Under Graduation in relevant studies. Then,  must have cleared the entrance that will hgeld in the month of December.   

Scholarships: First, Rs 16,000 is provided to students who enrol in M.Tech programmes every month for 2 years. Then, Rs 25,000 is provded for PhD programmes from the 3 year onwards. After the 5th year, Rs 28,000/ is being provided.

To enrol directly to PhD, need to have cleared Msc or M.Tech studies with subjectsw such as Physics, Apllied Physics, Applied Mathmetics, Astronomy, Electronics, Photonics and Opticals.
Then should have cleared JIST as well as the entrance test held by the institution.  

Internship: IIAP invites science students from any Indian college and Universities across India to carry out internship.

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