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United States of America- 2!-

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Through an exchange agreement between India and the United States to administer Fulbright fellowships fostering exchange between Indian and American scholars, United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF) was established in 1950.  Further, USIEF serves as a source of information on higher education in the United States. 

Nearly, 1,03,260 students from India study in US as per statistics.

Advantages of studying in the United States:

  • Flexibility

  • Reputation for quality

  • Diversity of institutions and programs available

  • Size of the institution

  • Selectivity

  • Campus setting

  • Field of study

  • Type of institutions

Some important facts about higher education in the United States:


It is a concept in the U.S. by which universities should qualify to meet certain quality standards.  There are two types of accreditation- institutional and professional accreditation.  For more information on accreditation log on to:

Academic calendar:

Semester- Six months duration
Trimester- Four months duration
Quarter- Three months duration
Standardized tests:

TOEFL- Test of English as a Foreign Language
GRE- Graduate Record Examination ( for engineering and science subjects)
GMAT- Graduate Management Admissions Test ( for management subjects)

Scholarships - based on merit Assistantships- Teaching, Research and Administrative Assistantships

Application package:

An application package consists of  an application form for admission, application fee, academic transcripts, standardized test scores, letters of recommendation, statement of purpose and financial documents.

Application process time:

It is good to start the process atleast a year and a half before applying to universities in the United States.

Some useful websites:

To get more information on financial assistance lon on to:

Details concerning student visas can be found in

Educational counseling services provided by USIEF:

Basic Orientation Sessions for students every day from 9.30 a.m. to 3.30 p.m.  This will be a video presentation explaining the process of higher education in the United States followed by a Question and Answer session with the advising staff at USIEF.

Specialized sessions on Choosing and short listing universities, How to write an effective statement of purpose,  Getting Effective letters of  recommendation, are open to annual members of USIEF.  USIEF staff guide students through each and every step in the application process.


Individual advising sessions are also given to annual members to answer specific and personalized queries of students. Sessions by visiting university representatives and field specific sessions are also organized by USIEF for students. 

The following sessions are open to public.

Presentation on student visas by consular officers are open to public.
Pre departure orientation sessions are also organized  by USIEF for students leaving to the United States for higher studies.

USIEF Contact information:

United States-India  Educatioanal  Foundation 
American Consulate Building, Mount Road
Chennai - 600 006
TEL: 28574075/28574131        EMAIL:



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