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Tips on goal setting to students ! - 27-Aug-2020

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Most students get into colleges or enroll in courses without having a definite GOAL, PURPOSE or OBJECTIVE

Students without a definite GOAL are on a Wild Goose Chase.  They will keep drifting like twigs or chaff that moves with the wind wherever it moves.

So, the important aspect is to have a GOAL - a reasonably defined one.

A renowned writer says that a person without a vision (GPO) is actually blind with eyes that can see.   

The ultimate point is to reach a destination (Job / Career) of your choice and interest.

Goals need to be SMART Specific / Measurable / Attainable / Realistic / Tangible.

Specific: Its extremely important that goals ought to be highly specific. In other words definite or well-defined.   

Measurable: Goals should be measurable. The best way is to set short term goals that will impact the long time goal.    

Attainable:  Never set impractical unattainable goals. Here, students should be particularly careful in setting goals.  Its not wrong to set high goals, but it needs to be realistic. Unrealistic goals are just like trying to build a Castle in the Air or Thinking of stopping a river with your hand.  

Realistic: Realistic goals are exceedingly closely relative to Attainable goals.  The relation is that realistic goals become Attainable goals.

For example, you certainly know that its next to impossible to get into an opposite running train. So, its really important not try out such ventures and lose your life.  

So, may your goals be realistic.

Tangible:  A tangible goal is that there substantial evidence of the goals attained and its impact felt and seen. Basically any goal should not just look only on papers. A good goal will not sound abstract.   

In short, goals need not be too big, attractive or to please others. It should be achievable, although simple and small.              

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