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Practical time planning! - 28-Aug-2020

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Managing time is a little tricky skill for many students to master, as many are not able to connect with time and be mindful of the time resource.

One hour wasted, one hour of life gone. 

Time is life! This is a basic fact that you should keep in mind, even as you spend time in fun and frolic. To be simple, you should always be highly mindful of time. 

Time gone, is gone.  Never can you get back the wasted time. You never can go back on time, but can start the clock again and make good use of it in the most productive manner.

Mostly, students complain that they dont get enough time to study.  Here is the trick! It is highly important to learn how to plan your study, leisure, sports and time with family.   

To start, take a diary and note down all the tasks to accomplish on the next day. Here, you need to be highly practical on having the tasks to complete. 
Never plan for too many things. Let the number of tasks be more realistic.  

As you get comfortable to complete the planned task for one day, then gradually move on to plan for 2 days. Likewise learn how to plan for a week, then for a month.                 

You can almost buy anything under the sun, but time is the one thing that never can be bought even by the wealthiest man on earth.

Reasons to learn to manage time:
  • To achieve your goals
  • Not to run into problems
  • Learn to prioritise what is important, urgent and what really is not important or urgent, yet cannot be pushed away.
  • To avoid stress
  • To be highly productive, both on the professional front as well as personal life .


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