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How to manage stress! - 4-Sep-2020

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Stress simply is the way we react physically and emotionally to a change.

Like change, stress can be either positive or negative.

Stress is basically the tension you feel when faced with a new, unpleasant or threatening situation.  Its an automatic physical reaction to a danger or demand.

Stress is a fact of life. Some stress can be good and some bad for you.

Good stress facilitates to do better in order to meet lifes challenges.   

But, on the other hand too much stress can harm your physical and mental wellbeing.

That's the reason you need to be equipped to control / handle stress so that it doesnt control you.

How to manage stress:
   Never allow minor irritation get to you 
   Dont succumb to guilt
   Develop strategies to handle stress
   Learn to accept and adapt to changes
   Change the way you look at stress
   Develop a support system
   Learn to accept the things you cant change
   Never take anything personally
   Believe in yourself  

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