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Tips to overcome fear!- 16-Oct-2020

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It is an emotion experienced when the autonomic nervous system releases a hormone called adrenaline, energizing the system to fight or flight.

Fear actually functions as an alarm, motivating the person to hyper alert.

Though fear is highly valuable to make a person alert from any dangers, it is equally true that fear can be traumatic, demoralizing and in many cases paralysing. This is mainly the reason most of us prefer to be in a safe and balanced routine, rather than uncertain and vulnerable situations from where fear escalates.

Fear can be classified into many like fear of the future, evil, being alone, illness, failure, competition and so on....

In handling fear, most of us dont want to face it up-front. Instead, we try to hide it in the bottom of the mind. As a result, we actually do not know what we are really afraid of. 

It is highly important to find out what are we afraid of and what was the underlying reason for the fear.

Here are few tips to face the fear:

Face the truth:
Nobody is free from fear. The moment we accept that we too are susceptible to fear, then we will try to find an answer to the problem.  

Analyse the reason for fear:
Ask yourself with questions like

What am I afraid of and why?
What are the consequences of my fear?
What can I possibly do about it?

Never try to be perfect: In our urge to be perfect and possible failure lurking in the back of the mind, we avoid making even an attempt. Greater the expectation: greater the disappointment too. 
Just be your best. That's excellence.     

Fight your weakness: Everybody has some weakness or the other. But, it is highly important to work on the weakness and get the better of it. Remember, there are people waiting to take advantage of your weakness. If the weakness cannot be resolved, seek help.

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