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An introduction to making good decision! - 18-Sep-2020

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Good decision makers are highly successful in life.

They are confident which comes from knowing how to make wise choices consistently. 

The ability to make good decisions can help you achieve your goals at work and in your personal life.  It can also avoid mistakes that can cost you and your organisation time and money. 

Making a decision is more than choosing what to do.

It involves making a commitment, however small: rationally and emotionally. 

Commitment to a course of action is always uncomfortable. The reason is that you are driven to a point of no returning back.

Perhaps the most important truth of decision making is that any decision need not be the final. It can always be changed, but certainly at a cost.

Making a well informed (good) decision requires rich thinking.

A good decision is a well-informed decision: that before making it, you have considered all options available, covered every aspect and understood every implication.

Certainly, you can improve your decision making skills with appropriate practice.

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