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How to make good decision?- 19-Sep-2020

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In the previous column, we talked briefly about decision making and concluded saying that decision making skills can be improved.

Making a good decision requires patience and careful thought.

Here are few steps to make good decision:

  • Examine the problem thoroughly from all possible angles.
  • Never get satisfied with quick and easy answers.
  • Dont get deceived by the symptoms of the problem (The symptoms would be shortage of money. But, the underlying problem could be poor spending habits. So work on the problem, not the symptoms)
  • Once, you have identified the problem, re-evaluate the situation. Dont jump to make a decision immediately.  Sometimes the best decision may be to do nothing for the time being.
  • Next, gather more information about the problem and the possible solution. Seek advice to get help from people who know more about the details of the problem.
  • Then, think of alternate decisions and the potential outcome. Be open to options. Avoid jumping into conclusions.
  • Test each alternative carefully, to see how it measures up against others.
  • Finally, put your decision into action. A good decision means nothing until it is put into action.

To close, what if the decision goes wrong?
Mistakes alone make a good teacher. Use it to the best of your advantage.   

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