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How to manage anger ? Part -2- 19-Oct-2020

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To manage anger, first you must be able to accept angry feelings and then learn to express the anger appropriately.
It is also important to express the inhibited anger in less destructive ways.

No two people on this planet are exactly the same in managing their anger.  Temperament and circumstances are not the same.

But, we can identify five general ways to reciprocate to anger.
1)   Suppression
2)   Open aggression
3)   Passive aggression
4)   Assertiveness
5)   Drop it

The first three choices tend to perpetuate anger; however the last two can lead to success.

Suppressing anger:

When anger producing circumstances come-up, these people stoically put on a good front and pretend to show or reveal no tension at all.  They express mild surprise that anyone would assume they might be angry.     

Open aggression:

Open aggressive anger can be easily identified because it does in the same fashion as suppressed anger.
When most people think of anger, they imagine open aggression is to deal certain situations.
This is the category of anger that includes explosiveness, rage, intimidation and blame.

Passive aggression:
Like open aggression, anger expressed through passive aggression involves preserving personal worth, needs.
Generally, passive aggressive person, when frustrated become silent, knowing it will bother the other people.  

Assertive Anger:

Assertive anger preserves the needs and feelings of both the person involved.  This form of anger can actually help relationship to grow. It represents a mark of the individuals maturity and stability.
Assertiveness is not always easy. It requires good amount of self-discipline for the dignity of others.
It requires lot of the individual to communicate clearly, skillfully without hurting the other.

Dropping Anger:

Dropping your anger means that you accept your inability to completely control the circumstances.  This option includes tolerance of differences as well as choosing to forgive.     

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