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Skills to be a good leader! - 31-Oct-2020

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Necessity for a leader becomes inevitable in various domains to reach a desired objective.   

In order to be a leader, it is necessary to possess few attributes. Not everyone is a born leader. Those lacking traits of a leader can cultivate the necessity skills.

The ultimate function of a leader is to organize activities for the group members towards the accomplishment of some common goal through planning, organizing, motivating, decision making and executing.

The qualities of a leader are some basic common sense ideas that can make anyone an extremely effective leader.

Here are some skills to be (can be) acquired in order to be a decent leader:

1)      Purpose oriented
2)      Highly Ethical
3)      Good decision maker
4)      Courage to take risks
5)      Good team builder
6)      Handling power responsibly
7)      Committed
8)      Leading by example
9)      Communicating effectively
10)   Empathetic
11)   Extremely composed
12)   Enthusiastic
13)   Prepared for eventuality
14)   Being open minded
15)   Ability to deal eccentric people
16)   Skilled to be assertive
17)   Sound lateral thinker
18)   Being effective


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