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Understanding designing as career option! - 18-Oct-2021

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Many among us attribute design as a single thought towards creating beautiful things. But, design has a very close connect to our thought pattern and our experience.

These days, customer culture has gone through sea of changes. Unlike yesteryears, beyond giving importance to the product design, the customers closely watch even the packing too. Companies too have understood the fact that the customers look at the design way beyond the quality of the product.

Design has made a great impact on several products, apart from advertisements, cinema, clothing, car and bikes. Further more the role of design is almost everywhere, for even packing of the food that we order. This design industry is likely to grow several folds with many companies mentioning that design thinking is critical towards bringing out new novel designs that attract customers.   

According to information based on Central Statistics and Programme Implementation, the annual growth of the Indian Industry is 134.44 %.   The relaxation given for schemes such as Make in India and Athmanirbhar, will enable the country to become highly self-sustainable.

Forbestar and Forbes magazine reports that the design industry is worth about 168 Billion. It also said money spent on design by other industries is increasing substantially every year.    

Studies in design is offered as Diploma, UG and PG programmes in various domains like Industrial Design, Information Technology Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Textile Design and Fine Arts.  

Design is not only providing an upliftment to the exterior, it also encompasses on improving the entire product. Designers get involved in any stage of the product development.  For example, an industry designer just don't stop by designing a necessary product, he also works on enhancing the efficacy of the product.

A close watch will reveal that the approach of the designer will be extremely different from those experts belonging to other domains.

Those finishing design studies have got a lot of scope in several fields. Furthermore, they can also be self employed.

A.R Ramanadhan, Chairman, DOT school of Design, Chennai

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