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Harvard Business School online prgramme with Bharathiyar University!- 29-Nov-2021

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Bharathiyar University, Kovai along with B-school of Americas Harvard University offers various online programmes. Through this students have the chance and accessibility to international programme staying a home.    

Programmes:  Business analytics / Sustainable Business Strategy /Economics for Managers / Entrepreneurship Essential / Financial Accounting

Business analytics focuses on fundamental problems appearing in any venture with programme duration of 8 weeks and 40 hours.

Last date to apply: 10 Jan 2022

Sustainable Business Strategy would emphasis on the nuances to adapt to develop as business entrepreneur.

Duration of the programme ranging about 3 weeks or 20 hours.

Last date: 14 Feb 2022

Entrepreneurship Essential, with the duration of 4 weeks, this study facilitates to focus on choosing the right business opportunity, improving the market, identifying challenges and taking elusive decisions.

Last date to apply: 7 Feb 2022

Financial accounting, with the duration of 8 weeks, about roughly 60 hours of studies, it offers systematic training to take appropriate accounting decision, budget planning and accounting.

Last date: 3 Jan 2022

Economics for managers: Provided for 8 weeks, roughly about 60 hours of training, this study is designed to provide good economic input for business.

Last date to apply: 7, Feb, 2022     

Duration: Varying from 40 hours to 70 hours programme

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