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Adamancy too is good!- 14-May-2022

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If students develop proficiency in one language, they will certainly be able to learn another language with interest. Likewise, if you develop competence in any one field, then they would show the capability to excel in other activities too.

Act with precision:

New divisions are emerging in all the sectors. In the coming years, the quality of education in India will develop and improve. Lot of opportunities will crop up. Accordingly, today's youth need to develop their skills. If we want to achieve greater things, first we must change our attitude towards any task.  We have all the potential to excel at the global level.

We have all the ability to excel in all fields like mathematics and science ... Our progress will be fast if we work with precision in all the activities. For which, we need to possess more mental strength and self-confidence.

First, we must realize that we too have the ability to reach the goal precisely. Successes and failures are very much common. Do not get discouraged if you fail. Everyone of us needs encouragement to develop our self-confidence.  If we get such encouragement, all of us can achieve greater things in this world.

Do not be distracted

Present generation students are more prone to be distracted. Crossing over all the distractions will enable us to achieve greater things in life. Discipline, time management and proper planning will help to stay focused without distraction. First of all, this should be followed at home in all the day to day activities. Allot  more time to develop various skills.

Today, we suffer from numerous diseases. It is very important to follow a healthy diet. Do not believe in luck, instead believe in yourself. Everything in this world is possible. Adamancy is needed to achieve greater things. In a way, this characteristic which is  considered to be bad is also good. ... adamancy / stubbornness is needed to achieve greater accomplishments.

- Dr. Thavamani, Secretary, KMCH, NGP, Educational Institutions, Coimbatore.

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