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Schools need to be the foundation for research!- 20-Jun-2022

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In todays world it is exceedingly necessary for students to get skill based training. Along with which logical  thinking also needs to be improved. 

Developing the ability to speak several languages fluently can open up a wide range of opportunities. Reading newspapers daily can also help improve language skills. It's highly important for students to collaborate with other groups to carry out community-based work. 

Students need to develop on planned hard work, moral virtue, perseverance, self-confidence, a determined heart not letting up on failures, good character of respecting others. Certainly, these will set the stage for a better future.

Responsibility of colleges:

Educational institutions should devise curriculum based on the skill sets of every student as well as provide opportunities for other certificate programmes. 

In an environment where countless changes are coming up in the field of technology, the colleges need to create awareness among the students about the pitfalls in each field and provide appropriate encouragement and guidance depending on the students interest. Need to create a platform to express the various abilities of the students. 

By providing training based on students ability on leadership, ethics based professionalism, continuous learning, regional language based education, team attitude, they can be really successful while entering the industry. 

Educational institutions should do the necessary field work towards this. Skill development training should be provided for teachers by domain experts. It is also important to design the curriculum to suit students planning to move to foreign countries for higher education.

Research is a must: 

Knowledge based learning has improved a lot in India as compared to international standards. But whereas in application oriented education, we still need a lot of improvement. Research-based processes are more prevalent in the West. For which financial aid is also greater over there. Only a very small number of students in India choose to carry out research studies. 

Central as well as state governments need to create a good base towards research studies right from high school. Need to effectively carry out the Central, State schemes to the students. The development of teachers and the contribution of parents is imperative for the development of students. 

Education in India will improve in all aspects if the industry and government work hand in hand. 

-S. Malarvizhi, Chairman and Managing Trustee, Sri Krishna Educational Institutions, Coimbatore.

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