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Dear sir I would like to know about library information sciences and job opportunities and specialisation available in post graduate level?- 6-Mar-2008

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With the onslaught of information technology, libraries are making a rapid transition from card catalogues and P-slips to the Internet and electronic information on CD-ROMs. With the emergence of new electronic media to prepare and present library material, libraries are increasingly becoming information centres, combining traditional printed material with more sophisticated and enduring equipment like microfilms, CD-ROMs, online public access, Internet services and the like. As the traditional face of libraries change, the role of the librarian and support staff follow suit, making the profession more challenging than ever before.

The image of a librarian sitting at a desk, issuing and receiving books all day is a stereotypical idea that has stuck. But this is far removed from the true picture. Though librarians do spend a large part of their time disseminating information, this is certainly not their only job. In addition to providing vital services to the user, librarians perform a number of technical and administrative functions. Primarily, the tasks of the library staff include the following:  - Library Administration and Management, Bibliography Analysis and Control and, Subject Analysis and Control,
Librarians and support staff are employed in a variety of libraries and archival units in India and abroad. These include:
  • Government and national libraries
  • Public libraries
  • Digital libraries
  • Online libraries/Archival services
  • Academic libraries
  • University and college libraries
  • School libraries
  • Libraries attached to cultural organizations
  • Libraries attached to embassies
  • Newspapers and news agencies
  • Industrial and commercial libraries
  • Corporate libraries
  • Museums and galleries
  • Photo and film libraries
  • Archives
  • Private collections
  • Libraries on special subjects
  • Information and documentation services

Areas of specialisation available at the PG level are:  

  • Archives management
  • Library planning
  • Special library services
  • Management of information services
  • Translation
  • Reprography
  • Technical writing
  • Information technology
  • Maintenance and preservation of collections
  • Networked collection
  • Circulation studies
  • Electronic solution to documentation  

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