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I am studying Plus-Two (Science group). What about a career in ceramic engineering?- 12-Mar-2008

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Ceramic technology is an emerging branch of engineering/technology dealing with the study of the properties, manufacture, design and applications of ceramic materials, Veramic designers are concerned with designing various types of ceramic ware used in industries, households, institutions, corporate houses and other places. Use of ceramic ware can be for both decorative as well as functional purposes. Veramic products include table and kitchenware, decorative ware like flower vase, insulators, potters, and building materials like tiles. Cement is also considered a ceramic material.


A ceramic technologist is concerned with study, research and development of ceamic materials, planning and developing processing systems, designing and construction of plants and machinery along with other engineers, planning and implementation of processing methodologies, designs and development of various applications like glass, porcelain, cement, refractors, insulators, composite materials, enamels, cement, etc.


Opportunities for ceramic engineers are vast both in private and public sector. In private sector, candidates with a degree in ceramic technology can be absorbed in various ceramic ware manufacturing units. Generally, two types of workers are engaged in this industry-ceramic technologists and ceramic designers. Ceramic designers use sand and clay for basic ceramic materials, while technologists use materials produced by complex chemical processes. One can also start his/her own business and become an entrepreneur.


One can also get jobs in Indian space Research Organizations, Defence Metallurgical Research Laboratory, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre and Instittute of Plasm Research, among others, where there is great need for trained experts in ceramics.

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