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Development for all !- 21-Aug-2023

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Over the past few years, the number of students taking admission in all the departmental courses have been increasing significantly.    

In particular, more and more students are joining computer-based courses in higher education institutions in northern states.

NEP 2020 - A great document

The 'National Education Policy-2020' implemented by the Central Government is a very important document that has been accepted by various parties. Emphasis on various aspects including skill development of students, problem solving skills and capacity building of teachers. It encourages not only employability skillls, but also entrepreneurial abilities. According to the National Education Policy, the universities of various states are updating and updating the curricula.

Spilled over with lot of Information: 

In today's environment where technology is growing very fast, students can easily access a lot of information. It is also more likely that they get wrong and unnecessary information. In this case, today's teachers are responsible for providing appropriate guidelines to the students to select the correct and necessary information. Ensuring that the right information reaches students will bring out a prosperous young generation. By taking up various skill development courses offered online, they can have a better future.

Association with industries: 

It is becoming increasingly important for educational institutions to collaborate with industry to provide better internship training to students, brighten job opportunities, provide new research opportunities for faculty, and address socicial challenges.

It is also possible to analyze the problems faced by industrial companies and find suitable solutions for them. Accordingly, various new schemes of the Government of India can be utilized and aspects of the National Education Policy can also be fulfilled.

There is no dearth of job opportunities in our country being a self-reliant country. Today, it is widely possible for more students to pursue higher education, become highly competent, get better opportunities and shine as entrepreneurs. India is still looking forward to an incredible growth.

- Prof. Sibaram Kara, Vice-Chancellor, Sharda University, Uttar Pradesh.

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