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Mechatronics Engineering!- 8-Sep-2023

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Mechatronics Engineering is an inter-disciplinary studies of Mechanical Engineering, Control Engineering, Automation Engineering, and Electronics Engineering. 

Industry Growth: It is expected that the field of Mechatronics Engineering and Agricultural Robots, which accounted for 3.4 billion USD in 2018, will experience significant growth, reaching a staggering 24.2 billion USD. Similarly, the Automatic vehicle sector, which is valued about 3.89 billion USD globally, is projected to reach 10 billion USD in 2024.

From Robotics to Rockets: Functioning with the aid of a computer brain, the popular Sophia Robots activities such as navigation, speech recognition, actuation, hand and leg mobility, visual perception is all attributed to the science of Mechatronics. Several space programmes extensively use Mechatronics Engineering. Further, Mechatronics usage is certain in the Computer and Electrical components technology of bionic arm, CNC machines and cars.    

Mechatronics usage is also found in automatic door, robotic surgery, escalator, aviation engines, satellites, rocket missiles, large cargo planes, communication equipments in satellites, satellite propulsions and components, long range telescopes and high powered laser equipments.       

Duration: The duration of Under Graduate programme in Mechatronics is 4 years.  Must have studied class 12 with subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. Most of the prominent educational institutions in the country offer this program.

Curriculum: Mechatronics covers Engineering Chemistry, Mathematics, Theory of Machines, Technical Communication, Design of Mechanical Components, Industrial Automation, Industrial Management and Mechatronics System Lab. 

Job Opportunities: The growing field of Mechatronics Engineering offers diverse career opportunities.  The roles include Mechatronics Architect, Automation Engineer, System Design and Maintenance Engineer, Electro-Mechanical Engineer, Automation Engineer, Mechatronics Engineer and Research Assistant. 

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