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Understanding is the key to better learning !- 15-Sep-2023

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India has the largest youth population when compared to other countries in the world. Indian youths have proved to be more talented than other countries. Every youngster first must recognize the potential that they possess. Good education is one that helps students tap into their own skills. .

Even after more than 70 years of British rule over our country, our students are not able to get out of their slave mentality. The main reason for this is that we have been following the rote learning education system which focuses only on getting marks, instead of studying with understanding for many years. 

Able reading comprehension!

In order to break free from such slavery, the National Education Policy (NEP) provides a learning method that provides greater understanding and is application-driven.  

The students skills improve when they study with greater understanding along with practical knowledge. Although the students select a specific domain to study, they are given the scope to learn other subjects of choice from other domains too. Due to this freedom to choose other subjects of interest from other domains, they are able to acquire other interdisciplinary skills.          

Apart from providing this exceptional opportunity to study subjects of interest in an effort to acquire, Certificate, Diploma, and degree, it also facilitates teachers to hone their teaching skills. The National Education Policy provides an opportunity to apply Tamil in the field of engineering.

Good schooling is exceedingly essential to improve our knowledge from the basics. Therefore, NEP also ensures the provision of obtaining excellent schooling to bring about the needed changes. Thus, if the National Education Policy had been implemented 20 years ago, with the principal objective of developing skills and knowledge, India could have been placed in a better global arena.

Negatives and Positives: 

In today's digital era, new technologies are cropping up daily. Any new technology has its own positives and negatives. For example, on the better side, technology allows learning from the most remote part of the world on the subjects taught by professors in Boston, USA..

Therefore, let's use technology more prudently. We will create awareness among the students. Let us ensure that all teachers, parents, management of educational institutions and students realize to act with better responsibility. 

- Professor B.S. Satyanarayana, Vice-Chancellor, G.D. Goenka University, Haryana.

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