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College ranking exceedingly important! - 16-Sep-2023

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Before buying any product on online platforms, buyers research the quality, value and experiences of the people who have bought the same product earlier. So, based on the rating and ranking, they decide whether to buy that product or not.

If an object itself requires such a study, there is nothing wrong in giving importance to ratings and rankings to select quality educational institutions while choosing a higher education institution that is to make their future life prosperous.

To choose the right institutions in our country among thousands of universities, it is right to consider the ranking and rating of government and private institutions. In that process, its exceedingly good to keep in mind the NIRF, NAAC, NBA ratings and rankings.

Digital transformation

In todays environment where students have easy access to a lot of information on websites and social mediums like Youtube, Facebook, educational institutions should also upgrade to the latest technological facilities based on the students' expectations.  Sometimes, certain traditional educational institutions fail to upgrade the needs and expectations of today's students.

In line with digital transformation, educational institutions need to upgrade themselves to digitally connected classrooms and hostels with modern technical equipments. To provide a complete educational experience, Learning Management System (LMS) should be used effectively and all exam results should be digitized. Ultimately, educational institutions should provide all facilities and opportunities for students to succeed.

Psychometric exam

Naturally, students do have diverse personality traits. Educational institutions can provide free psychometric tests to help students find the appropriate course for them. This can help students choose the right domain based on their personality, strengths and weaknesses.

For example, students who are highly outgoing, open and easy to relate to, domains such as marketing and law are ideal. Likewise, people who are quiet and reflective may do well in coding and computer-related works. If they happen to work in a field other than these, they have to fight hard to do well in them. Therefore, the educational institutions should help them to choose the appropriate course by realizing their strengths and weaknesses.

-Dr Vikas, Vice-Chancellor, Geeta University, Haryana.

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