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Creativity is the cornerstone for design education ! - 23-Sep-2023

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In addition to providing top-notch design education, the primary objective is to bring out exceptional design professionals capable of addressing India's diverse design requirements. 

With this as the core vision, National Institute of Design (NID), one of the nation's premier design institutions, boasts a remarkable legacy of mentoring spanning over six decades. 

Functioning under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Government of India, NID maintains campuses across various cities, each tailored to deliver specialized design education.

Unique classroom education: 

NID stands out as a mark of excellence in creative design training and research, both nationally and internationally. Encompassing a unique classroom education, we are committed to design education, design training and through design research through creativity. 

To enrich students' practical experience, we offer six-month process training program in collaboration with prominent industries. Furthermore, we encourage students to engage in projects of national significance, in the process of our commitment to shape future design leaders.

Over the years, more than five thousand students from our Ahmedabad campus have made significant contributions to India's socio-economic and industrial landscape, with many gaining international recognition. Our students embrace individuality as they apply design principles across diverse disciplines, and a substantial number have embarked on inspiring entrepreneurial journeys.

Lucrative future! 

NID, recognized as one of the world's leading design institutes, offers a Bachelor of Design degree across nine specialized disciplines and Master's of Design in nineteen diverse fields. Beyond that, we also provide opportunities for doctoral studies. Our selection process primarily emphasizes creativity and communication skills, but we advise aspiring designers to understand the field initially before pursuing these programs.

It's worth noting that our programs are not solely placement-oriented; instead, they ignite students' intrinsic passion for design. Those who possess a genuine interest in design and seize the opportunities presented can undoubtedly look forward to a promising future.

-Praveen Nahar, Director, National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.

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