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Entrepreneurship - a fulfilling passion!- 6-Nov-2023

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For many graduates, the typical post-bachelor's journey involves job hunting or pursuing further studies. However, a select few from the younger generation are shifting from job seekers to job creators by embracing entrepreneurship.

While it may seem daunting to become an entrepreneur right after graduation, the moment one takes on this role and has the ability to provide employment to others, the joy and satisfaction experienced are beyond words.

Practical knowledge is paramount in this journey. Mere memorization of theory doesn't constitute complete learning; true learning occurs when theoretical knowledge is applied in practice. Delving deeper into any field reveals its inherent essence and numerous specialized branches. Similarly, a Master's degree in any field offers a wealth of specialized subjects and areas of focus.

Classrooms serve as platforms for expanding students' horizons, helping them recognize the myriad opportunities that lie ahead. Encouraging students to explore new innovations and technologies is vital, and both educational institutions and students should uphold high standards at all times.

Happiness and skill development should go hand in hand during one's college years. While it's essential to enjoy this phase of life, it's equally important to acquire the skills necessary to navigate the future successfully. To lead a fulfilling life, one should aim to build friendships and gather skills through interaction with peers, books, and educational institutions, which are brimming with opportunities.

Instead of being job seekers, aspiring to be job creators should be the goal. With the aim of nurturing a significant number of entrepreneurs and contributing to the growth of an independent India, various educational institutions have been established in Ahmedabad, and they are operating successfully.

---Tridip Suhrud, Director of CEPT University, Ahmedabad.

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