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Education is Innovation!- 8-Nov-2023

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In our ever-changing and uncertain world, it's imperative for educational institutions to embrace three fundamental elements: innovation, internationalization, and interdisciplinarity. These elements are crucial in shaping a resilient, capable youth ready to confront any challenge.

Only by providing innovative curricula, international faculty, engaging extracurricular activities, and opportunities for interdisciplinary learning can educational institutions empower their students to meet the future's myriad challenges.

The New Education Policy

The National Education Policy of 2020 has been thoughtfully designed to be accessible and adaptable for all, fostering change in accordance with individual needs. It offers flexibility without detrimental consequences. Education is, indeed, a realm of innovation, and this policy presents a comprehensive framework with fresh ideas, plans, and processes to infuse innovation continuously.

In a world where international competencies are highly valued, Indian higher education has a significant role to play in producing skilled global professionals. The National Education Policy encourages the cultivation of new ideas, respecting the unique characteristics of educational institutions.

Positive Thinking

The industry thrives on quality and innovation, making it imperative for students to acquire the right qualifications. In the present context, students entering college often do so without a clear vision of what the future holds, given the unpredictable nature of industries in the next five years.

In a world marked by volatility and ambiguity, it's easy to feel overwhelmed, with unforeseen challenges lurking. However, the ability to navigate such situations is paramount, and the 21st century demands individuals equipped with these essential skills.

Therefore, fostering a commitment to a positive mindset and proactive engagement is essential for today's youth. They must continue to contribute to the progress and well-being of our society.

--Hrridaysh Deshpande, Vice Chancellor, Ajeenkya DY Patil University, Pune 

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