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Our mission is dedicated to train teachers!- 14-Nov-2023

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The National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research is an autonomous institution functioning under the Central Government. 

Founded in 1964 at Taramani, Chennai, this educational institution initially focused on providing training exclusively to polytechnic teachers. Over time, its scope has expanded to include the training of engineering college professors in technical education.

Newly appointed teachers undergo specialized practical training in professional institutes. The institute not only develops teaching strategies for educators, students and government officials, but also plays a pivotal role in devising curriculum based on ever-evolving technology. Additionally, NITTTR provides consultancy service towards research. 

Short-term courses: 

In the realm of short-term training, our institute's professors contribute their expertise to activities such as animation and video production for e-learning applications using technology. Apart from benefitting at the national level, we have conducted one-month training sessions on various topics, benefiting over 3000 individuals from 107 countries at the NITTTR campus.

We offer on-site training tailored to the specific needs of educational institutions, ranging from a couple of days to a week. To date, we have conducted 40 online trainings through SWAYAM. 

Full time programmes: 

For those seeking more in-depth education, in association with Anna University, our institute provides four full-time ME courses such as Infrastructure Engineering and Management, VLSI Design and Embedded Systems, Computer Science and Engineering, and Industrial Safety Engineering.

Furthermore, we offer seven certificate courses, including Robotics Factory Automation, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Guidance & Counseling, Environmental Monitoring & Impact Assessment, in collaboration with prominent industry organizations. Further, apart from offering skill development trainings like Electrician and Beautician, we also provide guidance on project writing.

In our commitment to bridge academia and industry, we sign MoUs with organizations to provide extensive training. Beyond student education, we actively strive to impart entrepreneurship training to forward-thinking teachers.

-Usha Natesan, Director, NITTTR, Chennai.

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