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35 percent surge in Indian students going to US! - 22-Nov-2023

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Every year, the Open Doors Report unveils comprehensive statistics on American education, shedding light on the global movement of students pursuing higher studies. 

The latest report discloses that in the academic year 1948-49, only 25,464 international students were admitted, a number that has since skyrocketed to 10,57,188 in 2022-23, marking an 11.5% increase from the previous year. In contrast, only 1,88,753 American students pursued studies abroad in 2021-22

India Tops: 

In the academic year 2022-23, Indian students continued to move towards US for studies with 2,68,923 enrolments compared to 1,99,182 in the preceding year. As result, India consistently holds the second position in the list of countries sending students to the US, trailing behind China with 2,89,526 students. Notably, India exceeds all other nations with an impressive 35 percent increase in student enrollment in a year. 

International Ranks: 

In the global view of students heading to the United States, South Korea secures the third spot with 43,847 students, followed by Canada (27,876) and Vietnam (21,900). England holds the 15th position with 10,659 students, while Hong Kong ranks 25th with 5,867 students.

Preferred Departments:

Breaking down the numbers from India, 31,954 students are pursuing undergraduate programs, and 1,65,936 are enrolled in postgraduate programs. Notably, 41% of students, totaling 1,10,796, have chosen computer science and mathematics courses. Closely followed by the engineering department attracting 72,340 students, while 31,195 students have opted for management, and 15,059 have chosen life sciences.

Enroll after proper research: 

Christopher Hodges, the US Deputy Consul, attributes the 35% surge in Indian students heading to the US to the robust relations between the two countries. He emphasizes the American educational institutions' focus on research in both undergraduate and graduate programs, encouraging students to tackle challenging problems alongside academic pursuits.

Make Informed Decisions:

Hodges urges Indian students to conduct thorough research before making decisions and highlights the role of the US-India Educational Foundation (USIEF), operating at the US Consulate in Chennai. With over 4,000 accredited educational institutions in the US, USIEF provides free assistance to help students choose their preferred departments and colleges.

- Sathish Kumar Venkatachalam

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