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E-learning can play a crucial role in career !- 9-Jan-2024

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Making learning a continuous process can ensure a fruitful career. This is especially true at the early career stages when one is still trying to build skills and find the right opportunities.

According to a 2020 survey released by Indeed, 58% of the respondents said they needed new skills to advance in their careers. Not skilling up can lead to a dead end. A survey conducted by LinkedIn in 2021 said 41% of the professionals admitted to feeling stuck at some point in their careers.

Thankfully, numerous e-learning platforms as well as universities today offer a diverse range of growth-oriented online courses to help employees enhance their skill sets and give a new direction to their career path. Besides, the ease of accessibility because of high-speed internet and digitisation further assists working professionals bolster their career growth, without jeopardising work commitments.

But what is the ground reality? Have individuals actually experienced substantial career growth through online learning so far?

Sumit Periwal, Head of E-learning-PGC, Internshala, replies in the affirmative.

He shares the example of a person he identifies as Ananya, a civil engineer by profession who discovered her inclination towards social media marketing during the pandemic. Ananya decided to take her interest to another level by gaining the required skills. So she joined Internshalas digital marketing course. It helped her simplify the career change process as she was able to get an internship at Turito, an online test preparatory platform, towards the end of the course, says Periwal.

Referring to those planning a career in full stack development, Periwal talks about a candidate named Gaurav Viswakarma who landed an internship as a full stack developer and then was able to convert his internship into a full-time job role.

While these examples show a positive impact, one must also enrol in courses where personal interest and skills meet market demand.

Online courses that are high in demand

Elaborating on the most in-demand courses among Internshala learners, Periwal states data science, digital marketing and full stack development placement guarantee courses are widely preferred among the professionals on their platform.

He further adds that through these courses, learners equip themselves with market-relevant skills like Python, machine learning, SQL, data analysis, JavaScript, React, Google Ads, email marketing, AI tools, and so on.

As there are a plethora of upskilling courses available on each e-learning platform, its imperative to choose an option that can serve your goals and ambitions in the best possible way.

---Courtesy: The Economic Times.

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