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Tips to prepare for high school exams without taking mental pressure!- 10-Jan-2024

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Every year lakhs of students in the country prepare for government exams, some of these students get successful, while some students are unable to crack these exams even after repeated attempts. 

Amidst the pressure of examination, most of the students forget the failure and try to move forward, while there are some students who go into depression and take steps like suicide.

In today's article, we will tell you how to handle such pressure and what to keep in mind during a high school exam.

If you compare yourself with others at the time of exam preparation, then a problem will arise for you. Due to this, your Self Confidence will also be shaken, and your preparation will not be done in a better way. 

So, work hard with a positive attitude and keep motivating yourself. Keep moving towards your goal and keep some distance from your social life. However, keep in touch with your family members and keep talking to them. 

This will keep your support system strong. Students need to take care of their mental health while preparing for exams. 

Negativity comes into the mind of almost all students, which sometimes becomes difficult for the students to handle.

1. Right Schedule: For their studies, students should make such a schedule, which helps their body and mind to work in a better way. While studying, refresh yourself by taking a break of a few minutes in between and start studying again. Also, follow the right time of sleeping every day, because complete sleep is very important.

2. Physical Exercises: Most students spend a lot of time studying, resulting in very little physical activity. Due to this, the body becomes lethargic and due to the lack of physical activities, negative thoughts also start coming into the mind. That's why it is necessary to take out about one hour for exercise along with studies.

3. Meditation: At the same time, yoga and meditation also help students to concentrate on their studies, have mental peace, and strength and reduce negativity. If you acquire the ability to control your mind and brain through 15 minutes of yoga every day, it will greatly benefit you in your studies. Make such a group of yours in which children motivate each other. Regular exercise is necessary to focus on studies in examinations.

4. Use technology to guide you: Students can also use technology to help themselves. There are many apps available which help in developing health like proper sleep routine, better eating habits like consuming milk, seasonal fruits and vegetables, almonds, walnuts, raisins, sprouts etc. and drinking plenty of water. Also, keep your confidence up and be happy and feel blessed that by the grace of God, you have got the opportunity to study, learn, face exams, prove yourself and achieve success.

5. Plan your study: If you put unnecessary pressure on your mind regarding the exam and think about how the questions will appear in the exam? Will I be able to solve all or not? Will the questions come from the course which I have studied well or not? So, such apprehensions can increase your mental stress even before the exam. To avoid this, first of all, you should go through the entire syllabus carefully avoiding selective study. Secondly, you should worry about your good sleep.

6. Proper relaxation: During the exam preparation, sometimes the mind of the students is good and sometimes bad. To avoid this, do not take the pressure, but join things like music and art. This will keep you positive. Parents of such students should also not put extra pressure on you regarding studies because today's children know what they have to do for good performance and career.

----Excerpts from DNA

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